New Kid On The Blog I woke up this morning, I checked my phone (as I am sure most of the human race does now). I was pleasantly surprised to see an e mail saying that some kind person had started following my new blog.

My fledgling blog is three weeks old since I posted for the first time on January 23rd . In these three weeks, I have published five blog posts, which have been liked by sixteen bloggers (awesome!) and four of which have begun to follow my blog (unbelievable!).

My first post, Is Colour On The Menu?, was followed by Food Moments and Coffee Culture on the same day. I had been writing and saving my drafts for the past few months. I had registered my blog as early as July, but it was only last month that I plucked up enough courage to actually publish something.

The following were all kind people who  liked my posts that very same day





New Lune




I received an e mail from WordPress saying that my posts had been liked and that I should check out posts by bloggers who had liked mine. This bucked me up no end. I felt that WordPress was like a good hostess, encouraging a shy wallflower to mingle with other guests.

I headed over to the sites of all these people but, being technologically challenged (I had help installing WordPress and all the rest of it), could not fathom how to like them back. It is only recently that I have discovered the Like button (evidently it has been there all along, it just escaped my notice).

While trying to learn how to navigate WordPress and customize my blog, I posted

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast on 1st Feb. This was liked by:

Your Path To Your Wealth

On 2nd Feb Pratishtha Ranaliked my post Coffee Culture.

She also posted a comment which kept waiting approval until two days ago (silly me: I just didn’t realize it). I have tried to moderate (is that the right term?) or answer the comment but got stuck. I will need IT help again.

On 15th Feb, my latest post What Do You Have In Your Mason Jar received likes from:



Edmark M. Law



I visited the sites of all these bloggers again and mercifully found the green Follow button this time. I look forward to reading their posts. I really love the social etiquette of WordPress that involves Liking and Visiting and Following. In this fast paced world of impersonal interactions (both virtual and real), it is really nice to be part of a community that follows (pun intended) the niceties of social discourse.

For a newcomer in any community the initial period can be a little daunting. For me, the blogosphere was particularly daunting since in addition to being a newbie I am  also a self-confessed technophobe.

The following bloggers have even begun to follow my blog(I still can’t get over it).


Pratishta Rana

Allyson Morin


Thanks for encouraging me guys. Your interest means the world to a neophyte like me.

I hope I have included all who liked and followed me.I have also embedded links to your blogs.

If I have left anyone out please forgive the omission.

Your advice, suggestions and comments are requested.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




























9 thoughts on “New Kid On The Blog

    1. Thank you.
      That is so kind.
      This is what I love about the blogosphere: people are so supportive and encouraging.



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