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My Blog’s Performance Over The Summer

My blog’s performance isn’t really something that I have thought about much. The basic reason I began to blog is that I have always loved to write, almost since I learned to write. I am one of those abnormal people who actually enjoyed writing school essays (though I hated lessons and home work as much as the average kid).

I have been blogging for six months now but I haven’t done tremendously. I only have about twenty plus posts to my name. The kind souls who have followed my blog are 32 in number and I have 1,112 views to my credit. This isn’t a lot, for I have only done half of  the blogging game: creating content (now isn’t that a fancy term for plain old writing). The other half (possibly the more important half ) is blog promotion. That is something I keep meaning to do but never get around to doing. I know I should be active on Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook and all those other magical social media places but I have not been able to do it yet.

How do I know this? By reading about it, that’s how. Reading, like breathing, is something I do all the time. Small wonder, then, that the WordPress Reader is something I love to use.

The reason I love blogging even more than reading and writing is that it lets people interact. I think I have commented on every blog post that I have read so far and I am always thrilled to receive feedback. Once I wrote such a long comment that I had to apologize for making it so long.

This brings me to the real reason behind this post. One of my favourite bloggers ( I have many favourites), Renard Moreau posted an article with the title :

“How is your blog coming along?”

This set me thinking and I realized that my response would be too long for his comments section. So I just sat down with a cup of tea (it’s 11 in the morning, anyway) and began typing. I had planned on cleaning out my closet and sorting through my clothes this morning.

But, alas ! The best laid plans of mice and men  (and women)……

What can I do, I am just too addicted to the blogosphere (and hate tidying closets just too much). So coming back to answering Renard’s question, my blog views have increased over the summer despite the fact that I did not post anything for two weeks in July (I was caught up in another project).

The reason might be that some people are freer (is that a word?) over the summer. It could also be due to the fact that I have started using the WordPress reader and commenting on other posts (that does a lot for visibility, don’t you agree?). The number of my Likes, Comments and Follows have all increased too.

Renard has provided lots of tips that I intend using for  increasing my blog’s performance. He has also discussed how people use and abuse the Like button. Do head over to his blog for more tips. Do check out his blog Renard’s World for blogging tips and other cool stuff.

Disclaimer: This post began as a comment to Renard’s question and turned into a mini review of his post. My opinion is entirely my own, honest and unprompted.

I would love to know how your blog is doing as well as any tips you can share in the comments section.

Don’t hesitate to like and follow. I need to improve my blog’s performance and only my readers can help me do that.