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Dan Brown’s INFERNO : Movie Review

Dan Brown’s Inferno, with Tom Hanks starring as Prof. Robert Langdon, promises to be as exciting as the Professor’s earlier adventures. He is embroiled in a conspiracy that threatens to bring the world to an end. Cryptic messages that can only be decoded by Langdon, our intellectual action hero, are again part of the formula.

Cerca Trova : Seek and Find

The movie begins with the Prof. waking up with a touch of amnesia in a hospital in Florence. Someone seems out to kill him but the doctor attending him helps him escape.

Like all Dan Brown’s female leads, Dr. Sienna Brooks is young, beautiful and very talented. In addition to being a physician, she combines an expert knowledge of symbology and history with a quickly computing analytical mind.

One of the people chasing the Prof is a young lady on a powerful motorbike. It seems that a team from the WHO (World Health Organization) is also chasing Langdon. Another person on the lookout for him is Mr. Sims, a somewhat mysterious character played by Asian actor Irfan Khan.

inferno irfan khan

“There is a great deal of situational ebb and flow in my line of work”.– Mr.Sims.

The movie now becomes a series of fast paced chase scenes that take Prof. Langdon and Dr. Brooks from Florence to Vienna to Istanbul. Dan Brown’s Inferno turns into the Couch Potato’s Tour of Europe as we are given glimpses of galleries, archways and palazzas.

Dan Brown's Inferno Ponte Vecchio

Director Ron Howard treaats us to scenes from the Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi, Hagia Sophia and other monuments.

All the while Langdon is trying to decipher the meaning of ancient symbols found in a biotube. (What is a biotube? You will have to watch the movie to find out).

The reason I used the title Dan Brown’s Inferno is that the story line keeps referring to Dante’s Inferno You can read about that epic poem by Dante Alighieri here.

Yet another mystery is provided by the suicide of scientist Bertrand Zobrist. This brilliant young man developed a pathogen/germ that if spread through the world will wipeout most of the population like the Black Death (the plague epidemic of the 14th century). Langdon must find and destroy this to thwart the psychopath Zobrist’s murderous attempt at population control.

An old flame reappears in Langdon’s life: Dr. Elizabeth Zinski is a high up in the WHO. She walks purposefully through the whole movie in a pair of high heeled shoes with pointy toes. The shoes remain shiny and new throughout as she chases Langdon all over Europe (this is something that can only happen in the movies).Will their romance be rekindled as the middle aged couple jumps into deep water to save the world?

Dan Brown’s Inferno provides a thrill a minute. It has tremendous entertainment value touching on topics like Symbology, Cryptology, History, Art and Science. It deals with Microbiology, Infectious Disease Control and the Population Explosion. Dante, the Plague, Crusades: all are topics that the Prof and Sienna tell us about as they jump out of successive frying pans into successive fires.

With a new twist every twenty minutes or so, Dan Brown’s Inferno is good value for money. Protagonists turn into antagonists, and back again.

Genre: Action, Adventure.

Actors: Tom Hanks, Irfan Khan, Felicity Jones.

Setting: 10/10.

Accuracy: 7/10.

Entertainment Value: 10/10.

The historic filming locations of Inferno: look at the original buildings here.

To watch a trailer of the movie : Click here.

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3 thoughts on “Dan Brown’s INFERNO : Movie Review

  1. I went to see the movie because of Tom Hanks! 😜I had read the book so went with very low expectations but was surprised to find the movie very watchable. Good entertaining value. And then there was Tom Hanks!!! 🤓



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