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My Autumn Favourites

My autumn favourites are many, autumn being my favourite time of the year. Every year summer gets longer so that autumn brings welcome respite from the heat.

My Autumn Favourites is part of my series:

Little Things That Mean A Lot : Part III

Here is a list of only a few of my little autumn favourites:

Dry Leaves

It is mesmerizing to watch dry leaves falling to earth one by one. Once they make a thick carpet on the ground, it is such fun when they crunch and crackle underfoot. Bonfires made from these leaves give the autumn breeze it’s particular smoky fragrance.

autumn favourites child playing with dry leaves

Do you like to watch autumn leaves blowing in the breeze?

Apples, to eat and to look at.

A colourful bowl of glossy apples makes a great centerpiece for a coffee table or dining table. There are so many Apple related foods :apple jam, apple jelly, apple sauce, apple pie, Apple crumble, apple fritters and doughnuts; the list is endless.

autumn favourites apples

What is your favourite apple treat? Do you like it with tea or coffee?

Autumn hues

Burgundy, plum, auburn, cinnamon, mustard, pumpkin, russet, rust, spinach green, olive green. These are just colours but somehow they seem to have a depth and richness to them. Rust, especially, has a warmth and cheerfulness about it that red or orange can never achieve. Amazing isn’t it that subtle differences in shade can mean so much.

autumn favourites multicoloured leaves

Comfort Food

Bingeing on apple pie, walnut pie, carrot cake, rich plum cake, scones and cream and jam. Any of these paired with a good cup of tea or coffee is my idea of luxury.

autumn favourites pies crumble tarts

Autumn marks the end of the harvest season so that you have an abundant supply of fruit on hand. What you can’t eat, you can turn into jams, preserves and chutneys. You can then be sure of something nice to go with your scones (now you see what I am driving at?)

Closet Update

Sorting through my clothes and accessories for winter, and maybe buying something new (but not before I donate some of what I have). It is such fun packing away summer clothes that you are sick of by now and rediscovering all your autumn/winter pieces. I sometimes forget what I have in my out of season storage so for me this holds the same rapture as unwrapping presents.

Do you enjoy the seasonal change of closet or does it seem a tedious chore?

Winter Reading List

Autumn is a good time for stocking up on books to read cuddled up in bed or near the fire on long winter evenings. Although I am trying to make the best of the mild weather these days and reading on the veranda or in the garden, this is a good time for pre-winter shopping. This also means stocking up on my reading material. A friend has recommended thrillers by Harlan Coben: I intend binge reading all the titles I can find. This is a good time to go through old favourites too. Some books improve vastly on re-reading; the first time around you are focused on the story while reading again you can appreciate the language, descriptions and dialogue etc.I think this is true of all classical literature, but F.Scott Fitzgerald and E.M. Forster come to mind.
autumn favourites leaves coffee book

What are your favourite authors? Which ones would you like to re-read? Which new ones would you like to sample?

Long walks

Autumn weather is just perfect for lazybones like me who cite extreme heat or cold as reasons for staying indoors. A long trudge with a friend provides a good excuse for a gossip session.If you prefer your own company, however, you need not get bored : a pair of headphones can relieve the tedium. You can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, TED talks etc.

Where do you like to walk? Do you walk alone or with friends and family? Do you like to listen to any music or books or lectures as you go along?

End of summer sales.

Things that I have had my eye on all summer long but have resisted buying may be marked down.The bargains in the sales can tempt you to buy what you don’t need. You might not use these bargains ever, so beware.

What is your experience of the end of summer sales? Are you prone to impulse shopping?

Spicy Scents

It is time to put away floral and citrus scents for next spring/summer. Somehow perfumes with heavier, spicy, somewhat oriental overtones seem to go better with cooler weather and warmer clothes. Fragrances like the new Oudh or rebooted versions of old favourites like Opium, and Poison are a good idea.

Which perfumes do you like to use? What are your autumn favourites?

Barbecues and picnics

autumn favourites outdoor eating

It’s good to make the most of them before it gets too cold. Al fresco eating can make the most mundane of foods taste better. Sunday brunches outdoors or Saturday evening barbecues on the patio or deck are so much fun.

Golden sunbeams

The Sun’s rays filtering through the tree tops have a special colour in autumn : the colour of liquid gold. Everything illuminated by these special autumn sunbeams assumes a special magical hue.

Have you ever noticed this ethereal effect of the autumn sun?

autumn favourites trees

What are your autumn favourites?

Do leave a reply and list some of them.

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39 thoughts on “My Autumn Favourites

  1. Another great post. I love all the things that you mentioned but unfortunately no desserts with cream or scones with jam for me as I am on a low carb diet. Wardrobe overhauled also my favorite activity, when the seasons change and like you I also rediscover my winter clothes. Already am tempted to get something new for the coming season!


  2. I am a fan of burning leaves, but that is illegal in my city. The way they accumulate in my gutters is less endearing.
    A local orchard offers apple cider slushies, which are really good. You also have my mouth watering for some of my wife’s apple crisp.


    1. I know that burning leaves is bad for the environment but bonfires are so typically autumn.
      That Apple crisp must taste great with custard or vanilla ice cream.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Great post! Funny you mention apple stuffs, I just wrote about my apple fritter fix and it was divine!! But I also love apple cider, cold or hot…changing out a closet is tedious and a chore and I won’t do it…we walk as a family, it’s good brainstorming, exercise, and laughs…my favorite fragrance is always Euphoria…barbecuing is an ongoing thing in FL lol…i Do love the Autumn sun especially in the morning


    1. Thank you for sharing some of your autumn favourites.
      Its so good your family time includes a walk; for so many families including mine, family time is either a meal or a movie.

      You are lucky to be able to have outdoor eating as an ongoing option.

      I must try the fragrance Euphoria.
      Yes, autumn mornings and evenings are made special by the sun.


  4. Long walks are my FAVORITE! The weather is just perfect to go for a walk outside 💕 I usually go for a walk with my mom and it’s definitely the best part of my day!
    So glad this post reminded me of the end of summer sales. Definitely need to go out for some shopping 😀
    Loved reading the post!


    1. Thank you dear, I am so glad you liked it.
      Thee days I am enjoying walks with my daughter too.
      Do check the sales out and let me know if you find any good bargains.


  5. What a great read!! Thanks for making me rethink fall season! Love the images you use as they capture the mood so perfectly. I have to admit that living in cold cold Canada, makes autumn a sad and somewhat depressing reminder of the long winter months ahead and end of warm summer nights on the patio. But there is still something magical about the stunning colors, mesmerizing sunsets and cool air that makes me love fall in its own special way. I grudgingly shuffle my wardrobe, clean the leaves in the backyard and pad around my house in socks instead of bare feet. But it is all worth it when I buy yet another rust colored lipstick and leave my jacket unbuttoned to feel the crisp autumn air. A funny-love hate relationship!!


    1. When does your Fall begin?

      If it begins early and you have a couple of months of crunchy leaves you’re good.


  6. I loved reading all these posts. Particularly they way they made me feel about taking a moment out every now and then, and feel all the beautiful things going around.
    I go for walks with my dog, while I listen to my favorite podcasts – listening to Welcome to Night Vale these days. It has a very autumn-y feel to it, slightly spooky though 🙂 I love it, you should give it a try!


    1. Thank you so much .
      I am really glad you liked them.
      I will definitely try to find this song and listen to it.


  7. Lovely! I’ll sign on enthusiastically to every one of your autumn favorites. I’d add a great fall movie like “You’ve Got Mail” – cliché, maybe, but SO GOOD.


    1. OMG. I think I have found a soul mate.
      You’ve Got Mail is my ideal “comfort” or “feel good” movie.
      I must have seen it at least twenty times and know most of the dialogue by heart. But I can never get tired of it.


  8. I agree with the long walks (especially with a camera) and scents (like fall candles and baking cookies), though dry leaves are the bane of my existence. I recently found out I’m allergic to the mold and dust in them, so I have to wear a mask now every time I rake leaves. I love this list, though!


    1. Thank you.
      I am glad you liked the post and pics.
      I look forward to checking out your blog too.


  9. What a delightful post. It said a lot about YOU!
    Most of all, I love the jewel colours of the trees and my dear Mum used to make the most delicious apple fritters…Yum. Evacuated in World War 11, my ‘foster-aunt’ also cooked memorable apple and blackberry pie in the side-oven. The sound of the wood pigeon and the aroma of bonfires linger still…Cosy evenings by the fireside…always with a book. Some I have re-read and are favourites: Robert Wilson’s ‘The Blind Man of Seville,’ Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘The Shadow of the Wind.’ .Hugs. x



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