good to be alive summer

Sometimes it just feels good to be alive.

Sometimes it just feels good to be alive. On a sunny Sunday morning, Breakfast on the patio Oatmeal banana and walnut muffins Organic lemon curd bought at the local farmers market Freshly squeezed orange juice or freshly brewed coffee A comfortable deck chair The company of a good book or a good friend. Sometimes it just feels good to be alive, Forgetting for a while … Continue reading Sometimes it just feels good to be alive.

sprinkle sprinkles on donuts


If you sprinkle the right thing on an ordinary dish, you can take it to the next level. A hum-drum, ho-hum dish can become remarkable.   Multi-coloured sugar sprinkles, also called hundreds and thousands add to the visual appeal of ice cream and baked goods. How can you resist something that looks so pretty?     Herbs, when you  sprinkle them on food, take flavor … Continue reading Sprinkle

coma by robin cook coma book cover

Coma—by Robin Cook FOWC with Fandango

The novel ‘Coma” by author Robin Cook was quite a sensation in the 70’s. It is a story about organ theft. Organ theft followed by organ traffic is a very real crime. To put it simply, criminals  procure human organs for transplantation illegally and then sell them on the black market to people who need them. Transplant, the surgical replacement of a diseased human organ … Continue reading Coma—by Robin Cook FOWC with Fandango

fourth liebster award liebster award banner

Another Liebster Award

Another Liebster Award RULES Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award Answer 8 questions that the blogger gave you Give 8 random thoughts about yourself Nominate 8 other bloggers and notify them of their nomination Ask your nominees 8 questions.   Thank You Sadje, for Another Liebster Award. Sadje who blogs at Keep It Alive,  ” Let me introduce you … Continue reading Another Liebster Award

keep it fluid drop of water

Keep It Fluid —- FOWC with Fandango—-fluid

Keep It Fluid “It.s nearly six weeks since I saw my parents,”said Sally. “Let’s drive down to their place some day, replied her husband, Ned, a high flying executive in a top multi-national firm. Sally smiled, “This weekend, then?” “Er…… it’s a two hour drive. Let’s keep it fluid,”said Ned. Sally’s face fell, she had really wanted to visit Mum and Dad. Later that morning, … Continue reading Keep It Fluid —- FOWC with Fandango—-fluid