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My Goals : November 2018

My goals : November 2018.

Wow ! Written out, that looks so impressive.

Although goal setting is quite the thing for me (it’s the way I manage to get things done), I don’t usually share it with others. I usually write my goals down on my phone or in a little notebook that lives at the bottom of my handbag. I like to keep my aims and objectives private.

I love to make lists, I am a “list person”. I even wrote a whole post on To-do lists and how to keep them short and simple. You can check it out here.

Some of the goals on my list get accomplished. Others just get carried over into the next list. My to-do lists and my goals are things that I like to keep private and personal.

Why, you might ask, am I willing to share them today ? Today, I thought it may be a good thing to put my goals for this month out there for everyone to see. I felt this way I might feel obligated to get through my entire list because I have got all of you rooting for me.

So here goes :

My Blogging Goals

These are fairly simple. They just boil down to two words :

Do More

  1. Do more writing.
  2. Post more frequently.
  3. Do more reading of other blogs.
  4. Be more active on social media.

My Personal Goals

  1. Go through all my closets.

Yes, all of them, including out of season storage, linen cupboards, kitchen closets — the whole caboodle. I intend separating the whole family’s belongings into three categories :




I also intend giving the closets themselves a thorough clean up, giving them an airing, wiping the surfaces with antiseptic cleaner and lining the shelves with fresh brown paper.

2. Go for a walk regularly.

3. Stay in touch with friends & family more regularly, especially older relatives.

4. Get a few outfits for the winter holiday and wedding season.

5. Get a start on re-ordering my families’ huge collection of books.


Today, 1st November 2018, this list seems do-able. But, to use a few well worn clichés ” Man proposes, God disposes” and “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Let’s see what I can actually accomplish in thirty days.

I intend doing a follow up post on 30th November or 1st December to share with you what I actually manage to accomplish.

Wish me luck !

What are your goals for this month? 

Do let us know in the comments section below.

Please remember to




21 thoughts on “My Goals : November 2018

  1. A good list. You will get it done, no worries. I make lists too but for things I simply can’t afford to forget, otherwise I play it by the ear. Best of luck for getting all that done.


      1. I feel like it often does! But sometimes I feel like I need to switch it up a bit, and I can get blue sky paralysis if I put too much onto it, so I try to keep multiple lists of long term goals, medium term goals, and a day’s short term goals that are realistic enough to get completed


  2. As long as they are realistic, a list of goals is a good thing.

    I was famous for listing things that weren’t going to happen. I then came up with an idea to be honest with myself. Take the emotion out of it and write a list that was real and true to the goals I could actually achieve.

    It looks as though you have done just that.


    1. Thank you for commenting and having faith in me.
      I think I just might get most of this stuff done because I feel that I have made a commitment to all the people who read my post.


  3. I’ll be one of your cheerleaders because I know how wonderful it feels to set a goal, and see it all the way through. The sense of accomplishment is truly wonderful if you’re specific about how much, exactly when, and efficiently how you’re going to get to it. I always allow for some flexibility.

    I am going to take my old luggage and a few donatable pieces of clothing/shoes to the Goodwill sometime before Thanksgiving week. The donatable pieces will be placed in the old luggage making it easy peasy to get it all accomplished in one fell swoop.

    I will have Stanley Steamer come out in two weeks for their annual cleaning of my carpets. This will also be a great time to move a few pieces of furniture around and check hidden baseboards, underneath furniture and end tables for dust, cobwebs etc., also giving the cleaners easy access.

    Next week on or around the 14th, I will phone my sister-in-law and ask if she is planning to have Thanksgiving at her house this year, and how can I help. I will email the other sister-in-law and ask for her suggestions since she usually comes up with my brother from Virginia and sorts Thanksgiving out.

    I will be picking up my grandson for 3 days, 2 nights, [probably Sun, Mon, Tu,]when his Thanksgiving Break rolls around, which is the Saturday before – Sunday after. Since he’s bouncy, we will discuss doing out of house indoor activities to include bowling, laser tag, and some light shopping. My grandson and I may make an my house indoor game out of packing those suitcases with grandma’s stuff for charity.

    These are just a few examples of what I specifically have planned on my to-do list for the month of November with some flex. Interestingly enough, now that I’ve written it all out here for you, I have it in my head.


    1. I am impressed.
      That is such a well thought out and well organised month.

      I think you can turn this whole comme


  4. I was saying that perhaps you could turn this comment into a whole post on your blog.
    That way more people can benefit from it.

    Please excuse me if I sounded pushy.



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