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Another Sunshine Blogger Award

Ah! Another Sunshine Blogger Award. I love these blogger awards. They are such a great opportunity for bloggers to get to know each other. The exposure that one gets doesn’t hurt either. Of course the cool little insignia / logo / medallion type thing that you can display is the icing on the cake.

sunshine blogger award I got nominated 2018

Sadje of Keeping It Alive just received another Sunshine Blogger Award.

She did something new with the nominations. She posted a list of questions and kept the option for answering them open to anyone who chose to be nominated for the award.

I think this is a very good idea to let people choose to be nominated. Recently, I received two blogging awards and in turn nominated eleven people for each. Of these twenty two nominees, very few had the opportunity or time to answer the questions associated with the award.

I completely sympathize with that since you don’t always have time to fill out a questionnaire and then nominate and link to eleven or more other bloggers. However, the rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award state that you should nominate people, so I am going to comply.

It is naturally up to the nominees whether they answer my questions or not. I have a suggestion: if the nominees are pressed for time they can answer one or two questions instead of the whole list.

sunshine blogger award rules

Sadje’s eleven questions and my answers :

  1. What made you start your blog? I have always loved to write and blogging seemed an ideal way to get my writing across to other people.
  2. What do you enjoy most about blogging? There are many thiings that I enjoy about blogging. To name just a few : the ease of publishing in WordPress, the opportunity to interact with other people & make new friends, and the instant feedback in the comments section.
  3. What is your dream? To make blogging my full time career and a good source of income.
  4. How do you find inspiration to write? By reading other blogs, books and magazines.
  5. Which is your favorite place on the planet?
  6. It keeps on changing; currently it is the blogosphere.
  7. Coffee or tea or…..? Both. Anytime, all the time and keep the cookies, muffins and sandwiches coming. I won’t need lunch or dinner.
  8. If you had to cook dinner, what will you cook? Something quick, easy and healthy : like stir fried chicken and vegetables.
  9. What do you think of the climate change? It is tragic but not hopeless; we can still do something about it.
  10. Who is your role model? I am still thinking.
  11. . Which is your favorite time of the year? Autumn without a doubt.

sunshine blogger award sun

Eleven nominees :

  1. AllThingsAlexx
  2. Bag Full Of Books
  3. Barbara Grace Lake
  4. Buckets Of Tea
  5. Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss
  6. Cherryl
  7. The Clever Blogger
  8. Life on the Lake
  9. Globe&Life
  10. Madame Writer
  11. Lisa’s Notebook

My Questions :

  1. What do you like best about blogging ?
  2. Write one sentence that best describes your blog or your writing style?
  3. In an ideal world, how many times a week would you post ?
  4. Who is your favourite author?
  5. If you could choose a character in a book as your best friend, who would it be?
  6. Which device do you prefer for blogging?
  7. What is your favourite kind of coffee? (if you are not a coffee person, name another beverage)
  8. What is your blogging niche ?
  9. What do you think of blogger awards?
  10. What is one modern invention that you could not live without?
  11. What kind of blogs do you like to read?


Please comment, like, share and follow.

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14 thoughts on “Another Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Hey, way to go! Like your approach to answering the questions. Simple and enough info to get your answers across.

    It does take time for sure to go through them; think and compose what you consider thoughtful responses. When I won, of the 11 bloggers I nominated, two thanked me but declined and so far only one blogger has answered the question and paid the award forward.

    Well done!!


    1. Thank you so much.
      You have always encouraged me from day one.
      It is purely a matter of personal choice what one does with the award.
      Personally I am excited to be nominated.


    1. Thank you so much.
      For the generous comments and for the opportunity to answer your questions.



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