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Cold Remedies From Your Kitchen

Cooler weather can bring coughs, colds and sniffles. Your kitchen can provide natural cold remedies that can treat or help to prevent these .

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These hot drinks clear your nasal passages. They soothe scratchy throats.

Your body needs more fluids when you are ill. These hot drinks keep you hydrated.

Two to thrèe cups of any of these daily are extremely beneficial for colds as well as sore throat and chest infection.



Honey and Lemon

cold remedies honey and tea


In one cup of very hot water add 2 to 3 teaspoons of honey and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Drink hot


The honey provides energy. It is also a natural source of vitamin C which is the vitamin that fights infection.

Lemon juice provides extra vitamin C. It decreases the sweetness for people who don’t like very sweet drinks. The amount of lemon juice can be varied according to taste.


Diabetics should use honey sparingly only as much as their diet allows. More than 3 cups of hot water and honey can have a laxative effect so don’t overdo it. Those with constipation can benefit from this effect.



Green Tea

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Pour boiling hot water over a teabag in your cup or half a teaspoon of tea leaves.

Sweeten to taste or drink unsweetened.


Green Tea helps fight infection. It improves digestion and thereby helps  overall wellness.


In some people green tea may have a slight diuretic effect and they might need more frequent trips to the loo.



Chicken Soup

cold remedies soup bowl


Put two drumsticks (Or equivalent amount of any other piece of chicken) in a pan with approximately six cups of water.

Add 2 cloves fresh garlic and a half inch piece of ginger.(You can substitute half teaspoon each of garlic and ginger powder).

Salt and pepper to taste.

Optional extra: any herb of your choice (parsley coriander) 2 to 3 fresh leaves or half teaspoon dried leaves.

Bring to boil. Then simmer covered till liquid reduces to half.


The clear soup soothes an inflamed and dry throat.

It provides energy .


For very young children and the elderly you can skim the fat from the surface of the broth making it easier to digest.


Do not hesitate to see your doctor :

  • If you start running a fever of more than 100 degree F
  • If mucous from your nose and your sputum turn from white/greyish white to yellow / greenish yellow
  • If your forehead or cheekbones hurt when you press them.


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8 thoughts on “Cold Remedies From Your Kitchen

    1. I am glad it did some good.

      All these cold remedies are also cold preventers.
      So you get your flu jab and grab some of these hot drinks and you should be good for the rest of winter



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