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A Parody of Macbeth

A Parody of Macbeth on the school stage.

The word “parody” brought back a memory. I had not thought of this in several decades. The year was 1981, when I wrote a parody of Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.

We were doing Macbeth for our Literature class that year. We planned a variety program as part of a farewell party for our senior class. I wrote a rough draft of a skit of the scene from Macbeth where he meets the three Witches. My idea was approved by our teacher, Miss King, who would guide us in  its production.


Instead of Macbeth meeting the Witches, I decided to make world leaders meet the Witches and ask them for prophecies. I remember what one of the witches said to Margaret Thatcher,

parody of macbeth margaret thatcher

“All hail Margaret Thatcher!

Hail to thee,

Prime Minister of Britain,

Who left thy kitchen-sink in favour of the Parliament!”

This type of dialogue went on with other leaders too. International politics was a little advanced for a fourteen year old at that time so my teacher helped with some of the dialogues.

The one for Indira Gandhi was.

parody of macbeth indira gandhi



Accept, O Devi!

Accept the No War Pact!”

I cannot recall the other leaders, maybe Brezhnev was one.

As for the cast, I was one of the witches (ahem!), another was Ayesha S. (I’m sure), and the third was Khadija (possibly). Karen played Thatcher and Ayesha M. was Indira Gandhi or was it Sunila ? All these girls are now scattered all over the globe. I wonder if they remember this little play.

What I remember very well was the great fun we had dressing up for the parts. We borrowed lawyers’ pleated black robes for the witches. Our teacher let the Witches do their own make up and we went crazy with my mum’s gray eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

Karen was very smart as Thatcher, dressed in a well-tailored white skirt and blazer. With a frilly blouse and pearls, she looked the part.

Dressing up as Indira Gandhi was quite easy. All Sunila had to do was borrow a sari from her mother. Her make-up was another thing though. We needed to put a streak of white in her hair. The talcum powder she had brought was not enough. We had to supplement it with powder detergent that we found in one of the backstage bathrooms.

It is sad that I have no pictures of this event. I don’t remember any photographs being taken; or maybe I don’t remember because I don’t have any.

Isn’t it funny, though? I hadn’t thought of this ever until yesterday when I saw Fandango’s 12th November word prompt: “parody”. Now I can remember all these details even though I have forgotten my grocery list for today. The human memory is a funny thing.


Written for:

FOWC with Fandango word prompts for 10th, 11th, and 12th November

‘guide’    ‘advanced’   ‘parody’

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10 thoughts on “A Parody of Macbeth

  1. That’s so funny. Too bad that there are no photos (or videos?) of that parody. But I’m happy that my prompt promoted you to remember that memory.


    1. Thank you so much.
      Glad it made you laugh.

      The memory triggered was so strong that I was transported backstage to that group of giggling teens.
      The powder we put in our friends hair kept gravitating to het scalp instead of showing on her hair. That is why we ran out.


  2. School days were such fun filled days. And you, my dear, must have been as dynamic as you are today. You bring people together even now.



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