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Keep It Fluid —- FOWC with Fandango—-fluid

Keep It Fluid

“It.s nearly six weeks since I saw my parents,”said Sally.

“Let’s drive down to their place some day, replied her husband, Ned, a high flying executive in a top multi-national firm.

Sally smiled, “This weekend, then?”

“Er…… it’s a two hour drive. Let’s keep it fluid,”said Ned. Sally’s face fell, she had really wanted to visit Mum and Dad.

Later that morning, Ned’s secretary asked him, “The president of the worker’s union wants to see you. Shall I give him an appointment?”

“Not yet,”said Ned, “let’s keep it fluid .”

At home that evening, Sally and Ned were having dinner when the telephone rang. Sally answered it and after about five minutes returned and told her husband, “That was old Mrs. Brown from next door. She wants some advice regarding her pension. Shall I tell her she can drop in after dinner?”

“Keep it fluid,”said Ned,”The game is on after dinner.”

The next day, Ned was given a pleasant surprise by his boss. He was very excited when he told his wife about it that evening. “Mr. Forbes has invited me to a business dinner tommorrow. He said you must accompany me since the new Japanese client’s wife will be there. I am supposed to call him later and confirm.”

“I am not sure if I will be free tomorrow evening said Sally.

She picked up her tote bag and walked towards the door non-chalantly.

“Let’s keep it fluid.”


Written for FOWC with Fandango writing prompt 22nd November  “fluid”



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