3rd sunshine blogger award sunflowers

My 3rd Sunshine Blogger Award

Monaminga , a versatile lifestyle blogger nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award.

3rd sunshine blogger award I got nominated 2018

Thank you so much Monaminga.


1. What’s your favorite place in the house, why ?

My favourite place is my bedroom. Its where I relax, read and write my blog posts.

2. Do you have a pet ? What is it ? If not why ?

I was co-owner of two Persian cats with my kids. They fell ill and died quite recently so this is a sore issue.

3.What is the first thing that you do when you wake up ?

Open my eyes.

4. Where do you see yourself in ten years ?

Super-successful blogger erning big money and fame from my writing (I wish).

5. Tell us a joke.

Q. What did the Pink Panther say when he saw a dead ant?

A. Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant.

6. What was the last movie you saw ? How did you like it ?

“The Same Kind Of Different”. Touching and bittersweet.

7. What do you think about Woody Allen’s movies

I don’t think much of them.

8. How do you live your spirituality ?

By being sincere with myself and my beliefs.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve been given ? Who gave it to you ?

A smile is half your success. My mum taught me this when I was a little girl.

10. What / Who are you most grateful for in your life ? Why ?

My family, they are my support network.

11. If you could take only one thing on an isolated island, what

would it be? Why?

My smart phone. It would give me access to everything else.

3rd sunshine blogger award rules

My Eleven Nominees

  1. Rory. A guy Called Bloke and K 9 Doodlepip

  2. BrewNSpew

  3. Chronicles of an AngloSwiss

  4. Dining with Donald

  5. Eclipsed words by Aishwarya Shah

  6. Fun With Philosophy – Saania

  7. Garfieldhug

  8. K.M. Allen

  9. Madame Writer

  10. notsomoderngirl

  11. Soph Hearts


3rd sunshine blogger award sun

My Questions

  1. What do you like best about blogging ?
  2. Write one sentence that best describes your blog or your writing style?
  3. In an ideal world, how many times a week would you post ?
  4. Who is your favourite author?
  5. If you could choose a character in a book as your best friend, who would it be?
  6. Which device do you prefer for blogging?
  7. What is your favourite kind of coffee? (if you are not a coffee person, name another beverage)
  8. What is your blogging niche ?
  9. What do you think of blogger awards?
  10. What is one modern invention that you could not live without?
  11. What kind of blogs do you like to read?


27 thoughts on “My 3rd Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. I’m not very experienced in blogging so your posts are very helpful and encouraging. Your questions have made me think…….
    1. What I love about blogging is the facility to bring all kinds of people together globally to share and enjoy each other’s interests, ideas and thoughts.
    2. In my writing (Cook Thai by Sebby Holmes) I take a cheeky chappie style to passionately share my love for Thai cooking.
    3. Ideally I would post one a week and respond to others as much as I could.
    4. David Thompson Thai Cookbook. He is an inspiration throughout the world for Thai cooking.
    5. I would love the BFG to be my best friend.
    6. I use my iPhone most of the time for blogging as I’m constantly on the go running my restaurant.
    7. I love a flat white but you can’t beat I nice cup of tea (:
    8. I guess anything to do with food is my niche, but I love music, art, literature, life stories ….all sorts!
    9. I don’t know much about Blogger awards but I think that they are a reflection of acknowledging this web presence. This surely must be positive if it is a means of encouragement for writers. However it shouldn’t be the be all and end all.
    10. I couldn’t live without my Robot Coupe.
    11. I love to read anything that clearly comes from a love and passion for the subject.
    Cheers Sebby


    1. Thank you Sebby.
      I love your responses.
      You say you don’t know much about blogging but your writing shows that you have a natural flair for it.
      I am a relatively new blogger too. My blog is less than a year old.
      I love Thai food even though it’s spicier than what I normally eat. I wish I could visit your restaurant. Maybe some day….


    1. Thank you.
      You are welcome. And I look forward to your answers.
      And thanks also for including me in the White Elephant Challenge. Sounds like fun.



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