An Unfortunate Adventure

A series of unfortunate monkey events.

It was a sunny day in Nathiagali.

Nathiagali is a hill resort in Northern Pakistan.

Hordes of monkeys come down from the mountains and sit on either side of the winding road to Nathiagali.

Motorists stop to take photos of these “monkey tribes”

an unfortunate adventure mountain road

They are very tame and love to gorge on the fruit and other food thrown to them by tourists

One unfortunate day some animal catchers turned up.

Since these monkeys were wild it was not against the law to capture them.

The animal catchers crept up to the sunbathing monkeys and started throwing nets around them.

This scared the animals who scampered back to their homes in the hills.

Most of the monkeys made it home safely.

Two young fellows however became separated from their clan.The animal catchers slipped their net around them. Then they locked them in a cage inside their truck.

The poor monkeys were scared out of their wits but there was more to come.

As the truck travelled down thevwunding mountain road the cage was thrown thus way and that way.

This was a most unpleasant sensation for the two captives who clung to the bars of the cage.

At last the truck stopped. The monkeys were taken out and sold to a rich man.

This rich man added them to his private zoo.

Here they were treated well. Their cages were kept clean and they were fed regularly.

Yet, how they longed for the freedom of the hills and the camaraderie of their tribe!

an unfortunate adventure Nathiagali


Written for the Daily Writing Challenge Dec.  4th.

7 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Adventure

    1. People used to trap other people for slavery a few centuries ago.
      Now it’s animals. Hopefully we will become more enlightened as a race and stop mistreating animals.



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