daily three dec 14 ducklings

Daily three, Novmber 5th

Name Three …

Cold things?

daily three nov 5 monkey and snow


My nose

My toes

My fingers

(all the above, when it’s cold. I know they aren’t things, but this isn’t home work; it’s a fun challenge).


Hot things?

Okay. now I will behave:

Tea,      Coffee     Soup..

daily three nov 5th


Boy’s Names beginning with Z?

Zachary       ZigZiglar       Zoolander

Countries beginning with the letter G?

Great Britain       Germany       Georgia

daily three nov 5 great britain flags

Animals species that begin with the letter P?

Porcupine         Porpoise         Parrot

daily three nov 5


Things that are square?

daily three nov 5 red and white dice

Square people (as opposed to cool ones)

A square peg in a round hole

Square dance (I know this is wrong technically but I couldn’t resist it).


Holidays you have been on?

Oslo       London       Bangkok

daily three nov 5 big ben london



Words that rhyme with Pink?

Mink      Think       Shrink


Urban Legends?

Freaky Food

The Clown Statue

Bloody Mary


Things that are pink?

Strawbwrry desserts

daily three nov 5 pink cupcakes




Things to do with baseball?

Bat       Ball         Glove


Marvel Heroes?

Dr. Strange        Iron Man          The Greem Hornet

(I hope these are Marvel and not D.C. I keep mixing them up the way I mix up Amy Adams and Ila Fisher).


Ice Cream Flavours?

daily three nov 5 ice cream cone in hand

Salted Caramel (obviously)

Cookies n Cream

Peppetmint choc chip.


Things that comes from the ocean begining with the letter O?


daily three nov 5 octopus on red door

Orange fish

Ocean reef

(Now I’m being naughty again).


That was so much fun.

Thank you Rory for creating this challenge.

And thanks Sadje for making me do it.

All images courtesy Unsplash

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