daily 3 dec 10

Daily 3 Dec 10

Daily fun three by Rory of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips

Name Three …

Things that every person should do at least once in their life?

Go on a luxury cruise.

Parachute jump

Get botox.


Harry Potter Films?

daily 3 dec 10 feast at Hogwarts
A feast at Hogwarts

HP and the Sorcerers stone

The Chamber of Secrets

The prisoner of Azkaban.


Things that are flat and green?

Grass lawns

Green images on a flat screen T V

( sorry but I am running out of ideas here )


Things that IMP is short for?


Naughty, yet lovable person.


Flightless bird species?





Things you are doing today that you’ll not be doing tomorrow?

I am afraid I give up; This one has me stumped.


Foods that taste foul to you?


Smoked salmon

All undercooked meat.


Things that are bright?

Bright ideas

daily 3 dec 10 coloured-balls-of-paper-with-light-bulb-on-wood

Bright sparks (people who try to be too clever,just elaborated to avoid confusion).

Bright & chirpy folks. (They can cheer you up when you’re down)


Things that are bouncy?

daily 3 dec 10 woman jumping

Pony tails (hair do)


Jumping castle (the kind you see at kiddie birthday parties).


Things that are sharp but are not knives?

Sharp minds.


New paper (hence paper cuts)


Things that you are thankful for?

My family

My friends

daily 3 dec 10https://www.google.com.pk/search?q=free+graphic+or+cartoon+images+of+blogs+and+bloggers&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjNo5bwxK3ZAhUFC-wKHS3XB-gQ_AUICigB&biw=1366&bih=637#imgrc=6KFhIo7HYB9mWM:

My weird sense of humour (it has helped me suffer many a difficult situation)


Animals that start with the letter Z?


Older Zebra

Younger Zebra

(Sorry can’t think of any others and I am not Googling.)


Countries that you would love to visit?

daily 3 dec 10 man in forest facing two paths

All the European countries

All the Scandinavian countries

Some Far Eastern countries

( I know this is way more than 3

But I will buy the tickets myself so no one should mind…ha ha.


Of the craziest things you have ever done

( this one’s easy. I can come up with way more than 3 )

While tidying closets, I took a tea break but the phone rang before I could finish my cuppa.

After finishing the call I found that my mug of tea had disappeared.

I went all over the house looking for it but couldn’t find it.

Giving up, I opened a closet to resume my work. Lo and behold, there was my tea.

daily 3 dec 10 tea and books

My daughter saw this one happen: I was asleep when the phone rang. I sat up put on my glasses and said hello. ( not into the phone)

When my eldest was a few months old, I got up to give him his feeding bottle but tried to feed it to his pillow in my sleep (my husband is witness to this).

Things that you would like to write about but haven’t?

Detective stories.

Ethical and moral issues, but would anyone read those?

Lots and lots of other topics.

Items on your bucket list?

daily 3 dec 10 writing on notebook

Writing at least one book .

Monetizing my blog.

Learning to take great photos.


Bad habits of today’s society?

Spending too much time with virtual friends and not enough with real friends and family.

Being judgemental

Being too designer and brand conscious

7 thoughts on “Daily 3 Dec 10

  1. Hey Tanya,

    These are excellent answers 🙂

    I think there is a market for moral and ethical posts and more readers bite into these than you might think.

    Loved the crazy things list!



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