daily three dec 14 ducklings

Daily Three Dec. 14

Daily Fun Three is a really fun challenge created by

Rory who blogs at A Guy Called Bloke.

He poses sets of questions that are so much fun to answer.

I was meant to be doing something else right now but I came across these questions that just had to be answered, they were so much fun.

Name Three …

Three of your childhood books?

Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers

The Magic Faraway tree by Enid Blyton

A huge illustrated book of fairy tales. (I was too young to remember the exact name now. Maybe it wasn’t so huge but only seemed big to my little self.)


Three of your best memories?

daily fun 3 dec q4 Thames cruise

A short cruise down River Thames.

A holiday in the hills when the kids were small.

Walking on to a stage to receive a gold medal.


Things that are yellow and triangular?

Wedges of cheese.

A wedge of sponge cake.

A triangular slice of yellow water melon.

(If you don’t mind my asking why yellow? Why not red or green or any other festive colour?)


Wishes you would like to be granted if you had a magic genie lamp

Unlimited time to do all the things I want to do but never have time for.

Unlimited happiness.

daily fun 3 dec14 variety of cake

The ability to eat whatever I like, whenever I like, and not gain an ounce of weight.


Beautiful places you have ever visited?

Lake Windermere Lake District England.

Oslo Pier Norway

Lake Saiful Mullook Pakistan


Things you fall back on to make you feel better when having a bad day?

Upbeat music

Dark chocolate

A walk or 10 min on my exercise bike.

(These were before Jan 2018 when I started blogging).


My current feel good hacks would be:






Things that best describe your family?


Sometimes noisy.

daily fun 3 dec 14 family-of five-sharing-a-meal

Unexpected (like most families)


Of your favourite blogs?

There are so many. It is difficult to choose just three.


Things you would choose if you had ten minutes in your favourite store if you didn’t have to pay for them?


Embroidered shawls


daily fun 3 dec 14 books.

But I would have to visit three different stores.


Dishes you can cook in less than 15 minutes and ready to eat direct from serve?

Stir fried chicken and veg

Pan seared Fish or chicken fillet

Spanish omelette.


Pet peeves?

People who talk with their mouths full.

People who talk too loudly and monopolise the conversation.

People! ( Just kidding. Okay, only sometimes)


Bird species beginning with the name G?



Gamine hens


Of your most favourite letters from the alphabet?

A I don’t think you can do much without it

T this is a bit obvious as my name begins with it.

X so useful since it can take the place of anything as in The X Factor.


Of the most boring things you have ever done?

Study for exams.

Take exams.

Hold stilted conversations with toxic people.


Questions you would ask of your pet if you could?

Ahhh. This is a sore point. We recently had our cat put down because she was very ill.

She was a Persian named Ginger who was like a little human in her mannerisms and expressions.

If she could have talked I would have asked her:

What accessories and shoes to wear with an outfit?

What she meant when she looked at me with disdain ?

What changes she would suggest as she surveyed the house in her typical fashion ?


Of your favourite cartoons from now or when younger?

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

The Pink Panther



Of the emoticons you use the most when writing or in social media or comments?


Sad face.

Laughing face

23 thoughts on “Daily Three Dec. 14

  1. Wonderfully answered Tanya,

    My condolances for your recent loss to the family. Persian cats have a very distinct look when frowning, l have oft wondered what they are thinking myself? Is it a scowl, or a judgemental viewing or what. Years ago, l had a rescue Persian by the name of Teddy he was a lovely cat, but sadly as is the way, he was the offspring of extremely poor breeding. Breeders for some reason seemingly believe the flatter the face, which is nonsensical, poor breeding shortens their lives and restricts their breathing. But they are amongst the most loving of cats.

    Why not yellow l would ask, l had debated on yellow and triangular or insipid orange and rectangular 🙂


    1. Our Persians
      (We had two to begin with)
      we’re not entirely pure but we’re most adorable not just to look at but in their antics too.

      Thanks for the fun questions.



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