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The last will and testament.

It was a cold and foggy December morning but the library was warm and cosy.A cheery log fire burned merrily away.

Several people were seated on the dining room chairs which had been arranged in a circle.Others were ensconced in the deep leatherarmchairs native to the library. A steady hum of conversation could be heard.

last will and testament

Mr. Venable the solicitor cleared his throat. A deathly hush prevailed.

“Ladies and gentlemen I have requested you to assemble here today for an important announcement.

All of you are relatives of the late Sir Charles Rapier. It was imperative therefore that all of you be present for the reading of his last will and testament..”

The solicitor paused for breath .The tension in the room was electric.

^Under the terms of the will a sum of £5000 goes to Lady Irene Rapier.

A sum of £2000 to each of Sir Charles five daughters and £3000 for Mr. John Rapier nephew of the deceased.”

Mr.Venables paused again. By this time Sir Charles’ widow, Lady Irene, had begun to look a little pale.John Rapier got up and started pacing to and fro. The five daughters and their husbands were worried too but all kept to their seats.

Mr. Venables cleared his throat yet again and continued,

“After bequests to the servants and deduction of death duties, the remainder of the estate goes to Ormond Street Children s Hospital.”

The solicitor removed his glasses.

Lady Irene fainted .


Written for FOWC with Fandango — electric

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