The Blogger’s Dilemma

A cascade of ideas greets me,

As I look through my (laptop) window.

Should I point out life”s absurdities

And make people laugh.

Or tell them how to organise their lives,

Their closets, their offices, and homes.

Or should I let them have a glimpse

Of the clutter in my own closets ?

What should my next post be about,

What would you like to read?

Food, health, travel ,or fasbion ?

Climate change, politics, movies or books?

So many things to write about !

So little time to do it in !!

blogger's dilemma man laptop holding head


Written for Your Daily Writing Prompt — cascade

Images courtesy Unsplash

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15 thoughts on “The Blogger’s Dilemma

    1. Great advice.
      But when you hand out pearls of wisdom you can’t call yourself an old fool.


  1. It can be a challenge for sure. Although, not such a bad position to be in. I try to see where my heart is and write for the most part from that perspective. I find it is much more productive for myself to write what my heart is “telling me” as compared to anything else. I have faith you’ll figure it out.

    A good topic would be “what to do when you feel the “writing well” has run dry?


    1. I will definitely try to do a post on that too provided I can come up with enough ideas.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Happy holidays to you and Lynn.



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