treasure butterfly cosmos flower

Little things I treasure

Little things that mean a lot— Part IV

treasure kittens in basket

Some things I treasure

Beyond measure.

A smile

A kind word.

Fresh muffins

Tall lattes.

treasure muffins roses

A favourite book

My comfy couch.

Playful kittens

Friendly babies.

latte spectacles rose

A butterfly

A ladybird.

Short queues

Long chats.

Old friends

New ideas.

treasure sunset water

A rainbow

A sunset

Little things I treasure

Beyond measure.


Written for

FOWC with Fandango : treasure

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19 thoughts on “Little things I treasure

  1. Often it is the seemingly little things in life, that bring the most pleasure and have the most meaning for us. We just need at times to look for them. They’re always right there.

    Well said and a timely post in the midst of the crazy and hectic holiday season.


  2. Lovely read!

    If you like (and this is totally optional) I was going to link to your blog in my next Mystery Blogger Award, as a way of linking new readers together a little easier. There’s no need to do the 5-question quiz if you’d prefer not to, but would you like your blog mentioned so new readers might check it out?


    1. What a great opportunity!
      I would be delighted and honoured.
      I love doing the quizzes too but sometimes life gets in the way and I lag behind.



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