intrigue many faces four chess pieces

Intrigue has many faces

Palace intrigue:

The elderly monarch reached out for his cup of hot milk

His dutiful heir handed it to him the picture of dutiful attention.

Five minutes after finishing it the old King clutched at his throat gasped for breath and was no more.

“The King is dead.

intrigue many faces man holding crown

Long live the King”

Staff room intrigue

The old principal was a real grouch.

Most of the teachers held a grudge against him from his several “sins of omission or commission. “

intrigue many faces two men talking over coffee

No one wanted to fork out money to give him a farewell gift and send off.

Family intrigue:

Elderly Aunt Jane was rushed to the hospital with a heart attack.

intrigue many faces IV line

The heirs waited outside with baited breath.

She had been threatening to leave her fortune to the Orphanage.

Would the heirs be able to contest the will?

Written for FOWC wuth Fandango —intrigue

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