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Our Detrimental Lifestyle: what we can do about it.

We are living a detrimental lifestyle in this millennium. It is detrimental to our physical and mental health.

The fast and frenetic pace of our life keeps us in a constant race against the clock. It is a continuous struggle to do more and achieve more.

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We skip meals and overdo stimulants like coffee and energy drinks. When we do stop to eat, it is processed convenience food. Our bodies react to this unhealthy lifestyle; hence the current epidemics of obesity and diabetes.

Physical activity, so important for physical and mental health, becomes virtually non existent in modern life. Remote controlled machines and smart devices save our time and energy but make us inactive.


Stress and anxiety are becoming very common due to this detrimental lifestyle of ours. Depression and anxiety disorder are reaching epidemic proportions.

It is important to recognise  all this because it can be remedied so easily. Little changes in mindset and routine can allow us to reap all the benefits of technology while avoiding its detrimental effects.

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These changes could be:

  • Walk whenever you can, wherever you can.

  • Keep a track of your screen use

  • Enjoy your meals, and practise mindful eating. (click here to read more about mindful eating).

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  • Do something for others every day; even if it’s just a smile or a nod to someone across a hallway.

  • Take pleasure in little things. (click here to read more about this).

  • Savour the good times. You can stay focused on your destination but enjoy the journey.


Written for FOWC with Fandango —- detrimental

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39 thoughts on “Our Detrimental Lifestyle: what we can do about it.

  1. Great advice. This coming year I am also going to sign my family up to a pledge on reducing plastic, see if we can make our own small difference there, too.


  2. I’m glad that I run on marathons as it gives me a reason to stay fit. You can’t finish a marathon if you’re not fit after all, especially in Hong Kong’s humid weather.

    People here have died because they underestimated the level of fitness required for a full marathon.


  3. Such a great post! It took me far too long to realize that I could slow down a little and, shockingly, neither my life nor my job fell apart. This is advice that so many people really need to hear.


  4. This is an excellent post Tanya, but the very nature of the world we live in. As much detriment as we are surrounded by, the people of the world have brought this into fruition by demand.

    People have become lazier in certain areas and hyperfocused in others. i have a lot of screen time, and it doesn’t affect me, people for years have said l have too much time in screen, and yet for years l have answered back it doesn’t affect me like others and it doesn’t.

    With this shoulder issue l have Suze would and does say it’s due to posture and yet it’s already been confirmed it doesn’t have anything to do do with seated posture but how l used to do a certain job and the swinging motion damaged my shoulder. So when l was at my fittest, l was doing the most damage. Kind of ironic.

    Because as much time as we shouldn’t spend screen wise, we should also balance our exercise out – l mean it’s always about balance – everything is.

    I don’t drink much coffee or tea these days, and have very recently become tired of them both and have taken to drinking herbals again, which is a step up from Suze’s drinking of just hot water.

    I don’t overeat, and have so many food intolerances now, that my diet whilst healthy is very restrictive. I am taking more tablets than l should, however l have to due to the pain, and can no longer walk as much as l did because l live in hilly parts and when walking down and uphill, my arm and neck react very badly – l am so looking forwards to the operation which hopefully once recovered will mean l can do more again.

    But again an excellent post, it always comes down to balance.


  5. Stress and anxiety are big issues these days and more and more people are suffering because of their poor choices in lifestyle. I gave up coffee and I haven’t felt better. Give up something in your own life and see things change for the better.

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