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Fairy tales & Nursery Rhymes–Queen of Questions # 4

We are all familiar with the characters in fairy tales and nursery rhymes. As part of her QoQ series, Theresa, The Haunted Wordsmith, has asked us questions about some characters.

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1.Everyone thinks they know the story of Jack and Jill, but why did they really go up the hill?

They went up the hill to attend the Summit on Environmental Pollution and Climate Change. It was a summit so it had to be held on top of the hill (pun intended).

2. What was humpty dumpty sitting on and why?

He was sitting on a wall. It could have been the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall or a yet to be constructed wall across a continent.

3.What did Rapunzel let down?

That hair story doesn’t really ring true. She probably let down a rope ladder for the Prince.

4.What was Little Miss Muffet eating and what happened when the spider came down beside her?

She was eating a keto-friendly, gluten free and lactose free dessert.

The spider was her personal trainer. He sat down beside her so that she finished quickly and hit the gym. That is why he”fri-ghtened Miss Muffet away.”

5 Why was Hansel and Gretel sent into the woods?

They were sent as exchange students from the U.S. to Germany. The woods are probably the Black Forest in Germany.

6.Who really ate Grandma?

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The woodcutter saved Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood from the big bad wolf. But she was finally eaten by two monsters called Old Age and Infirmity.

7. What did the Three Little Pigs build their houses out of?

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The eldest little pig went into the construction business so it wasn’t difficult to make the houses weather proof, fire proof and wolf proof.

8. What did Little Jack Horner pull out of the pie?

He pulled out two big rubies (masquerading as plums) from under the pie crust. He sold them and lived happily ever after on the proceeds.

9.What is the true story behind Cinderella?

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It is the story of every entrepreneur who starts on a small scale and then the Fairy Godmother grants him/her hard work, ingenuity and luck, transforming them into royalty.

10. Rumpelstiltskin wasn’t his name…what was it?

He was a politician who took away the children of migrants and refugees. You don’t know his name? Really?

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