Scrabble is a word game that I used to play as a child. My parents frowned upon Monopoly and card games but didn’t mind scrabble since they considered it educational.

Kids of today who are spoilt for choice with the dozens of recreation options available would not think much of Scrabble. But when I was growing up, video games could only be played in arcades. We had the one television channel that aired only in the evening. Scrabble took care of many idle hours, especially during the long summer vacations.

The game was played on a board marked with squares, some of which had special scores. Each player was given a set of tiles marked with the letters of the alphabet. You laid the letters out in front of you, forming a word that scored you maximum points.

The score was kept carefully with a pencil and notepad. Misspelt words were hotly disputed and checked with a nearby grown up.

Can you imagine kids today playing such a simple and “scholarly” game?

Written for 3TC 2019 #12

Words front, tile, misspell.

20 thoughts on “Scrabble

  1. Same with crosswords and jigsaws! I still do both as an adult now and I love the peace and mental engagement that they require. Nothing else on a screen compares I think.


  2. My family played Scrabble when I was growing up,and now we play with my older nieces. It’s helping to build their reading skills and vocabulary. Great game!


      1. That’s a nice idea though rainy days here are mostly in June-October. I’ll definitely introduce the game during one of our bonding moments.


  3. I love Scrabble. We even have a Travel Scrabble set which goes with us everywhere. We once dropped a couple of tiles through over the balcony of our chalet in a wild life park. We had to wait for morning and make lots of noise when we went to retrieve them because we were afraid of what might be lurking underneath. We found them though.


    1. So in their case it’s a lesson in patience as well as vocabulary.
      But they are really good kids for agreeing to play despite all the attractive games on the internet.



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