woman coughing

Confessions of Dame Cough-A-Lot

Dame Cough-A-Lot is my new name for myself. This is because I have a persistent irritating cough. I have tried every possible remedy for it. It gets better but never really goes away. I have tried the following remedies:

1. Honey

2. Hot water and honey.

3. Lemon, hot water and honey

4.. Ginger, lemon, hot water and honey.

5. Clear soup

6. Lots of vitamins: Vit C, cod liver oil.

7. Medicines: antihistamines, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories

But there is a secret remedy that works better than all of the above.

The secret is steam inhalation. It works better than all the other remedies put together. Steam works wonders. it soothes dry and irritated respiratory passages. It also unblocks stuffy noses.

You can buy a “steamer” or steam inhalation device at any major pharmacy and use it twice a day. Failing this you can just boil a pan of water, take it off the stove top and inhale the steam.

A tiny amount of menthol crystals or a few drops of eucalyptus oil added to the water before inhalation makes steam inhalation even more effective.

I have been remiss in doing this. Hence my long standing cough.

I wrote a post on cold remedies from your kitchen. You can read it by clicking here.

What remedies do you suggest for coughs and colds. Please list some in the comments section below.

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FOWC with Fandango–cough.

24 thoughts on “Confessions of Dame Cough-A-Lot

    1. Yes I hope I do.
      I am a serial procrastinator and it’s one of the things I keep putting off.
      This cough post of mine became a bit of a rant but I couldn’t help it.


  1. We all have that dang cough, and one of my sons has the persistent daycare runny nose. This cold season has been quite resistant. What do you think the reason could be?


    1. There could be 101 reasons.
      Pollution, stress, inactivity etc etc.
      I mean for people in general.


  2. I’m with you: I swear by steam and menthol. About a year ago I discovered Vicks Vapor Tabs, and they quickly became one of my favorite things. I hope your cough improves soon. I had a bacterial infection this past week, so you have my deepest sympathies.


  3. Steam beats all other home remedies.
    The lemon honey etc are just gimmicks. Ginger by virtue of its essential oils can be good.



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