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The Garden on the Balcony

It was Tuesday evening, Dr. Elizabeth Strange was just back from the laboratory. Instinctively, she turned on the lights and then turned on some music. The apartment was filled with the melodious tones of Chamber music.

Elizabeth worked as a genetic engineering research consultant. Her calling was a noble one, but involved long hours and high levels of alertness and accuracy. Her home, particularly her garden, was her sanctuary.

swiss cheese plants balcony

Elizabeth had a 7th floor flat in the heart of the city. When she moved in she had been given the choice between this apartment and one on the 5th floor. She had chosen this one because of its bigger balcony.

Her balcony was Elizabeth’s favourite place. She had filled it with dozens of potted plants. Swiss cheese, Boston fern, money plants and African violets all stood cheek by jowl, vying for the viewer’s attention. Elizabeth had placed mirrors on the walls at clever angles to magnify the effect of foliage.

When Elizabeth came home each evening, she made a huge mug of coffee and took it outside to sit among her plants and unwind. On lazy Sunday mornings she sat here with her breakfast and the Sunday newspapers. With such a hectic career, she was glad she had made this little sanctuary where she could relax.


Written for the following word prompts of Tuesday, 22.1.2019:

FOWC with Fandango — noble

3 T C Three Things Challenge — chamber music, Tuesday, Swiss cheese.

Your Daily Word Prompt –laboratory

RDP Ragtag Daily Word Prompt — angle,

Word of the day challenge — magnify.


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5 thoughts on “The Garden on the Balcony

  1. Sometimes reading is about suspense. And other times, it’s about relaxing. I like this post. I can put myself in her shoes and relax among Swiss cheese plants, even if they are imaginary. Ha.



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