3 T C 2019 #24

Today there was tension on the factory floor. Usually it was a friendly place, with forty young girls working on their sewing machines and chattering incessantly. But today no one felt like gossiping.

Their supervisor Miss Chang, was a middle aged lady, who ruled them firmly but fairly. Her philosophy was maintaining a relaxed family atmosphere in the workplace, while ensuring maximum efficiency. But today was different, she had been as prickly as a hedgehog since morning, finding fault with anyone and everyone.

This atmosphere of tension continued all morning. By lunch time Sally, the youngest worker, could stand it no longer. Taking courage in both hands, she walked up to Miss Chang and asked her if she was feeling okay.

Everyone else watched with baited breath, as they were sure that Sally would get a massive telling off for not minding their own business. To their immense surprise, Miss Chang answered Sally with a flood of tears.

“I have been serving this company faithfully since 1999,” she said. “This morning I received a letter saying that my services are no longer required by the company.

I don’t know what to do. They are going to give me one month’s pay in advance. I am supposed to clear my desk and be gone by 5 pm.”

Sally and her colleagues were really perturbed to see Miss Chang so upset. They had always seen her cool, calm and in control of every situation.

“I don’t know what to do,” continued Miss Chamg gratefully accepting Sally’s handkerchief, “I am fifty five years old. Nobody else is going to give me a job now”

Readers, what do you think can be done for Miss Chang?

Are her employers treating her fairly?

Do let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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Written for Three Things Challenge

3 T C — hedgehog, philosophy,1999.


7 thoughts on “3 T C 2019 #24

  1. Well, considering unless you’re union, you can be fired for any reason whatsoever, not much she can do. Mind you, there is a great story of retribution and retaliation from the staff toward the new manager. Great hijinks possible 🙂


    1. But ragging the new manager/supervisor won’t do Miss Chang any good unless the company brings her back.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🎀


  2. I must say I’m feeling sorry for poor Miss Chang for in the world we live in at the moment 55 is well past your sell by date. I’m very lucky in that I am retired and like a lot of retired people I know, I wonder every day how on earth I found the time to go to work.


    1. The job market gets more and more competitive with every pasding day.
      So people who stay on the look out for greener pastures do better than those like our poor Miss Chang. who stay loyal to one employer



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