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My views on Blogging Awards

My views on blogging awards are a classic case of mixed feelings. I am thrilled to receive them, but if I receive more than one at a time I tend to get a little overwhelmed . It takes time to find interesting answers to  the questions attached, think up intelligent questions of your own and link up to the people you nominate. Rory  of A Guy Called Bloke and K 9 Doodlepips has asked a few questions about the awards in a recent blog post.You can read his original post here . Here are my responses: What do you actually like about Awards? When I received my first blogging award, I was over the moon. This is what I love about awards , that they provide you with confidence and recognition when you are starting out. What do you not like about Awards? Although I love nominating people for awards ,I find it tedious to notify them since I am not very tech savvy. I wish there were an easier way to do this. What I also don’t like is that if for some reason you can’t respond to a nomination within a few days it gets “lost”. This happened to me earlier this month. I received two awards but was ill so couldn’t write response posts. Now I have lost track of them. What would you like to see with Awards? A medal displayed on my About page that appeared automatically as soon as I received an award. If only……… . What would you consider to be a true ‘Nomination’ Award? A nomination by a panel of bloggers perhaps. If it was a true Nomination Award, as in you are entered into a pool of other bloggers and the Award had more impact and value, what would you like to see at the end of it? I would like to see it adding to my blogging stats especially page views so I could turn on WordAds and maybe make some money. If you want to contribute your opinion to these questions, please head over to Rory, A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips,   For my views on bogging, you could check out these posts: The  Blogger’s Dilemma 50 posts, 100 followers, 500 likes : My blogging journey. 1337 likes, 200 follwers, 100 posts: How I got here.

14 thoughts on “My views on Blogging Awards

  1. A good balanced view. I also ‘lost’ an award for being too busy to respond right then – the questions warranted consideration that I didn’t have time to give and ‘the moment ‘ passed, leaving me feeling guilty about the nominator.


  2. Hey Tanya, many thanks for the input. Also what Sadje says is very true and it’s what l also do.

    Copy the hyperlink on your top bar and save it to your internet directory, or favourite directory.

    That way, l simply open up my favourites, scroll down and dig out the links l am looking for.


  3. Great post and topic. I certainly appreciate and feel very honoured to get them, but as others have said I do at times get overwhelmed if I have more than one in “draft form.” I find that coming up with meaningful responses a challenge if the same questions in one form or another keep getting asked of me. A confession, I have simply copied and pasted some responses from earlier awards.

    Nevertheless, I am always grateful and humbled to receive them and work as hard as I can to respond in a meaningful way and to spread the love of the award on to another well-deserving blogger.


    1. That is such a humble and self effacing statement.
      I have often felt exa ctly the same if I have more than one award and like you I feel honoured to receive them.
      I have also copied responses to similar questions at times.

      Thank you for the comments.


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