tell the story challenge ship in glass bottle

Tell the Story Challenge 2

Kristian at talesfromthemindofkristian tagged me for Tell the Story Challenge with this picture.

tell the story challenge ship in glass bottle

This picture reminds me of a book I read as a child. I think it was set in 19th century America. I have forgotten the name of the book and the author but I think I remember some of the story.

It was about a little girl called Melissa Ann Mitford who had lost her mother, and her father was away at sea. She lived with her spinster aunts who were sticklers for propriety.This meant that her childhood was neither fun nor very happy.

Melissa was called Mitty for short. The aunts expected het to dress neatly and be a model of good behaviour. They were not unkind and made sure she was properly looked after.

But, like most grown ups of their time, they did not take much notice of Mitty. They also expected her to find her own amusements and entertainment during the long summer vacations.

During the hot summer afternoons when the aunts were resting, Mitty often crept into the best parlour. This room was used to entertain visitors and was out of bounds for children.

The attraction for Mitty was a display cabinet of mahogany and glass. In this, the aunts had placed souvenirs from all over the world that their brother (Mitty’s father) had brought back from his voyages.

This time her father Captain Mitford had been away for two years. Little eight year old Mitty found it difficult to remember his features correctly. But she would picture him as the handsome captain of a ship as she sat with her hands on her palms gazing at the ship in the bottle.The little motherless child imagined a happy family life as she gazed at the ship in the cabinet.

She had heard the grown ups whispering among themselves. There had been no communication from Captain Mitford in the past two years, so his family feared the worst about him.

Little Mitty was an intelligent child and could make out what the murmurs of the grown ups were about. Yet with a child’s faith and optimism she prayed to God each night for his safe return.

One afternoon, she was sitting in the forbidden room playing with a set of Russian papier maiche dolls. She heard a heavy footfall in the corridor outside.

This was followed by a booming voice. Before she knew it, Mitty was enveloped in a bear hug. Her imaginings had come true. Her father stood before her, taller and broader than she remembered. The two long years of praying and yearning faded away and she felt like he had never gone away.

This is where the picture led me. I hope you liked reading it.

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To continue the Tell The Story Challenge I tag these three bloggers:

Rory, at A Guy Called Bloke and K 9 Doodlepips

Sadje, at Keep It Alive

Theresa, The Haunted Wordsmith.

The picture I have chosen for them is:

keep it fluid drop of water

I really like this picture. I included it in a post I wrote for an FOWC word prompt. You can check it out by clicking here. Now I want my friends to write a story about it.

Of course anyone besides the above three bloggers is welcome to write a story about this picture too. I would love to see where it takes you.

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