Lisa Tells A Story

Lisa was a little girl with a fertile imagination. She loved to create stories about fairy creatures. Pixie, gnomes, fairies and elves all featured prominently in the tales she spun.


Lisa told these stories to her younger siblings and cousins. She tried telling them to her classmates but they were not interested; they just wanted to talk about PlayStation and X box.

Once Lisa wrote a fairy story for her English language home work. Her teacher was most impressed by her imagination and her command over language. She entered Lisa for an inter school competition. The competition involved writing a story and drawing an illustration to go with it.

The writing part was very easy for Lisa but she was not very good at art.

She took paper and crayons and to the bottom of the garden. Here she sat under her favourite old chestnut tree. Her mother had told her that this tree was almost a hundred years old. Many of Lisa’s stories were centered on this tree. She imagined that a kind elf lived in the hollow of this tree. This elf helped all the fairy folk who came to him with their problems.

As Lisa sat and wrote her story about Fairy Bluebell’ she wished that the elf werte real and that he could draw her picture for her. Her mother called her inside  the house for tea and she went in leaving her things under the tree.

When she returned, imagine her surprise when she saw a beautiful picture of a fairy and bluebells on the paper she had left behind. Could it have been the kind elf who had drawn the picture, she wondered?


Written for:

Three Things Challenge 3 T C : story, elf, art.

FOWC with Fandango — tree

Word of the Day Challenge: create.

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