Has this happened to you?

I think I am experiencing a glitch in my WordPress account.

I like to write some of my posts piecemeal, saving them as I go. Then I schedule them to be published.

I did this yesterday. The post got scheduled but never got published and never got saved either. Although the ‘scheduled and ‘saved buttons had appeared at the right times.

I would love to know if someone has had a similar experience and how they dealt with it.

I have sent a ‘help ‘ message to WordPress. Let’s see if I get a response.

34 thoughts on “Has this happened to you?

    1. It is indeed.
      Like most people I have to squeeze time for blogging out of a busy schedule. So if my work disappears it’s really upsetting.

      But good to hear from you Mel


    1. When I write piecemeal then I have to schedule while publishing. Otherwise the post goes back to the time of when I saved the first draft.
      Blogger Sadje suggested this after I had lost a couple of posts this way too.


  1. I noticed recently that I would make edits to some drafts, hit “update” (or “save,” depending upon whether I’m using the WordPress app on my iPhone or WordPress.com in the browser) to save the changes I made. But when I come back to the post a while later, the edits I made aren’t there! Very frustrating. I don’t think I’ve experienced what happened to you. Although, I have, upon occasion, scheduled a post to be published in the future, but it doesn’t post when I expected it to. When I investigate, I find that I inadvertently scheduled it to post either at some date in the past or at some future date, but not the date I thought I’d scheduled it for.


  2. I has happened many times when due to problems with internet, the post is not saved properly. And same with posting. I manually post them. If you go to the post history, you can recover most of it.


      1. It happens to me when I am using two devices to write and it doesn’t get saved on one of them. The first time it happened, I was so upset at loosely my hard work but then I accidentally discovered the history tab in the settings. I recovered all my post.


    1. Your karaoke adventure sounds like a lot of fun. That was a great vacation story.

      And thank you so much for tagging me. I am not very good at fiction but I will try to rise to the occasion.


  3. I’ve had something similar happen before, but thought it had been because I started one on my iPhone WP app, then went back to my computer. Sometimes I have to close my app and reopen to get it to synch. 👀


    1. I write on the go sometimes and keep switching between my android phone and laptop.
      This is what happened to me too and I lost major portions of two posts.
      I couldn’t retrieve them from the post history and had to do them again.😣


      1. I feel your frustration. Most of the time, I write in Notepad, on my iPhone or computer, then copy and paste to WP. After reading your post, I think I’ll make it a habit. 😉


    1. At least your post stayed saved.
      What happened to me was that I scheduled them but they neither got published nor saved.
      But this happened only twice. Before and after that the scheduling has been working fine.


    1. Same here
      But I have found that if one is writing peacemeal over a few days scheduling is required. Otherwise when you hit publish the post goes back to the date of the original first draft and gets lost.
      This has happened to me too.



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