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Toxic People To Avoid

Toxic people are best avoided. They suck all the happiness out of the air around them. They can cause practical difficulties in your life so it is important to recognise them.

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1. Friends who expect you to be there for them always but never return the favour.


2. Relatives who ruin family gatherings with snide remarks and criticism.


3. Co-workers who waste your time by insisting on gtossiping around the water dispenser or photocopier.


4. Neighbours who are always borrowing your things but never returning them making you go without.


5. A toxic partner who doles out physical or emotional abuse on a regular basis : needs to be escaped rather than just avoided.


written for:

Word of the Day Challenge : TOXIC

22 thoughts on “Toxic People To Avoid

  1. Unfortunately all are recognisable. Though I don’t mind #3 so much, as long as it’s not malicious and I can extricate myself! The main lesson, don’t be one of these people.


    1. That is the sad thing! Almost everyone can recognise such people around them.
      And sometimes it is not possible to avoid them.
      I agree with the lesson “Dont be one of them.”
      Thanks for reading and commenting.


  2. The toxic people at the beginning seem very nice, so for a long time we do not understand that they suck our energy. But fortunately, only the first time a man can be so fooled. Then he can read the signs.


  3. Excellent advice. It took me way too long to cull these people from my life. It’s easier when your only interaction is by social media, much harder when it is real life.


    1. Glad you liked it.
      Although one can recognise such people, it is not always in one’s control to avoid them.



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