three things challenge

The Worm Turns

Norbert sat in a corner of the school canteen, eating a solitary lunch. He was a new student having joined just a week ago.

But he did not expect to make any friends even when he was no longer new. He had braces on his teeth and also wore glasses.These impediments made him a favourite target for bullies. In the short time he had been here, Norbert had excelled at Math and Science. This proficiency made him even more unpopular

alone in cafeteria.jpg

A frequent butt of jokes, the only thing that made the canteen tolerable for Norbert was the kindness of the canteen manager Mrs. Brown. She always had a kind word and a smile for him.

As he was eating, he saw a group of boys enter the canteen. His back stiffened as Big Nate, the meanest of the bullies was among them.

Norbert ‘s apprehension was justified. Big Nate came up to him and shoved Norbert s face into the plate of macaroni before him. All the boys surrounding them hooted with laughter.

Norbert stood up slowly as he wiped his face with a paper napkin.

“You ***hole,” he shouted. “That’s the last time You’ve ****ed with me.”

Then he swung his fist and punched Big Nate with all his might. The bully was sent flying to the ground .

The group of boys who had jeered at Norbert just a few moments ago, now looked at him with respect. Norbert himself was wondering how he had been able to floor the larger boy. He also expected to be suspended from the canteen for a week as this was the punishment Mrs. Smith gave to boys who fought in her canteen.

But Mrs.Smith only said,”Watch your language in future Norbert” and then calmly continued with her accounts.


Written for 3 Things Challenge: canteen, tolerable, language

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