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Blog Series Questions–How specifically unique……

Blog Series Questions was a series of insightful questions from Rory who blogs at A Guy Named Bloke and K 9 Doodlepip.

These are the last questions in the series together with my answers:

How Specifically Unique … are you to your blog’s personality today?

Considering that I am the only person who posts on my blog, I consider myself to be the source of my blog’s personality. Also, my simple and light hearted style of writing is reflective of my personality.

Now how influenced are you by your readership? Also how does that affect your decision making with regards your personality within your blog?

Being a relatively new blogger, I am of course influenced by my readers. Since my readers are mostly other bloggers, I take their feedback very seriously.

The feedback that I have received so far has been very positive. I have found the blogging community to be a very supportive group of people who guide and encourage newbies. This has given me a lot of confidence as a blogger.


Has your blog evolved to accomodate the desires of your readership in any way?

Oh, yes ! I once wrote some verse in response to a word prompt and it drew more likes than the posts I had worked much harder on. So I began to ipost some free verse every so often, even though poetry was not one of my categories initially.


To the point that it detracts you from your initial creative path? Do you write things only for your audience that you normally wouldn’t write?

Again, writing prompts like Tell The Story Challenge led me to write brief stories although it had not been my intention to write fiction when I first launched my blog. But when other bloggers very kindly nominated me to write fiction I felt obliged to do so, and enjoyed the experience.


Have you found that maybe your audience has expectations of your style and personality and perhaps they have stereotyped or pigeon holed you at all into one genre?

Not at all.

On the contrary, my audience has helped me branch out in genres and categories I did not envision when i began. I began as a food and lifestyle blogger. Somehow I have diversified into personal development and books and movie reviews.

My blog is an evolving entity: let’s see where the process of evolution finally takes me.

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