Question of the Day – No. 301 And Word of the Day Challenge — envision

When was the last time you left your comfort zone and how did you do it?

Your comfort zone is a place of stagnation. It is somewhere you live and eat and sleep without any change.

Staying in your comfort zone prevents you from growing as a person. If you are too satisfied with your lot in life you cannot envision progress.

The last time that I stepped out of my comfort zone was when I launched my blog a year ago. I had no social media or computer experience. I wasn’t on Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter or any of those weird sounding social media platforms. So how was I going to manage?

Once I took the plunge, things kept getting easier. My daughter helped with the computer work. A friend who made a WordPress account just to read my posts started blogging herself and soon became much more successful than I. Having a friend to share my blogging experience became a valuable asset.

Once you move out of your comfort some, nothing is difficult and everything is possible.


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And Word of the Day Challenge — Envision

15 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 301 And Word of the Day Challenge — envision

  1. Absolutely right. It’s the fear of failure that binds us to the familiar. Step out and you will discover that the world outside is full of potential. A great post. 👍

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  2. My first was WP-no social media skills. My second was back in December, I went to our community center on a day for arts-where people get together and do their own thing. If you have questions, they can give advice. So I’m improving in my (beginner) painting skills and making a few friends. Glad I took the plunge on both!

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  3. I wrote 3 consecutive posts on my blog in August and September 2018 about this, why we hesitate, our fears. I threw myself into publishing my own books with no money and no experience to back me in media (this was scary and so difficult). I have done it mostly by myself with some wonderful help by friends at times, and am still learning but at my age I am doing it. I’ve had to balance learning with life but it is possible. Love your ideas and my blog has some similar discussions although at times I do promote my books but generally the blog title will say so but even that I will tie into life. I am about encouraging and supporting others to take the leap. Great Post.

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