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One Liner Wednesday 20th Feb 2019

“If you are not happy with a situation, change it; if you can’t change it, then change yourself.”   Sometimes people are content to stay in unhealthy situations simply because they are afraid of change. Yet they continue to crib about their lot in life. This leads to a lot of frustration. It5 is best to change circumstances or situations that make you unhappy. If … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday 20th Feb 2019

the desire for comfort food apple pie a la mode

The Desire for Comfort Food

A desire for comfort food, Plagues us in times of stress. In tacit agreement with our emotional chemistry, Our body makes us crave familiar treats.. Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream, Chicken baked in a rich creamy sauce. Favourite flavours and aromas comfort us like a warm blanket, Or bring joy like a surprise package in the mailbox .   Written for FOWC with … Continue reading The Desire for Comfort Food