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Our tendency for overcommitment

We have a tendency to overcommit, To pack as much as possible into every day. Planning a task for every moment, Our lives become overscheduled. Juggling family, work & community, Why do we forget our time is finite ? written for: Word of the Day Challenge — commit FOWC with Fandango — finite   You may also enjoy: 7 Little Stress Busters 5 Easy Ways … Continue reading Our tendency for overcommitment

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Oh Prompt Me Do!! Our World Today

This is a new challenge by Rory, A Guy Named Bloke Everyone loves prompts – can there be too many? Not really, because everyone is different – people react to different things and ‘Oh Prompt Me Do!!’ is exactly that – different things! What talent have you always wanted to have and why? I have always wanted to be a computer genius. Tell us about … Continue reading Oh Prompt Me Do!! Our World Today