three things challenge

3 TC : “No rest for the wicked”

It had been a terrible week at the office. In fact, just as terrible as all of Tom’s work weeks.

The money was good but the hours were long. Tom had become a robot or automaton. Five days a week he followed the same routine. In theory he had weekends off but he usually had to bring work home on the weekends.

But this weekend was different.Everything had been wrapped up on Friday evening so that Tom could look forward to two days of rest and recreation.

He got up late on Saturday morning and dawdled over his breakfast. Then he took a leisurely shower.After this, Tom took out his hammock from the garden shed. He whistled as he tied the hammock between his two favourite trees.

He settled down in the hammock with a  detective novel. A voracious reader, he had not had much time for readong and was itching to get his teeth into this new book. He had just read a few pages when his phone rang. It was the office. He was needed urgently!


Written for:


Three Things Challenge PL#9: hammock, whistle,

Word of the Day — itching

FOWC with Fandango — theory

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