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Do You Actually … like everything you write about?

Rory, at a A Guy Called Bloke and K 9 Doodlepips has asked this Insightful Question

Do You Actually … like everything you write about?

If I am to tell the truth, then the answer is ‘Not Really”

I love to write, and when I begin, I sometimes really hold forth. This makes my writing much longer than the average person has time to read on his/her commute, lunch break etc. Hence, for blogging I have had to curb my tendency of writing too much and am trying to be more precise.

As for the topics:

When I launched my blog, I was full of what I thought were original ideas. I tried to write humorous and helpful articles but hardly anyone read them. Then my friend and mentor Sadje of KeepItAlive introduced me to word prompts.

When I started writing for the prompts, my traffic and all the business of likes, comments and follows increased. I realized then, that for people to read my work, I would have to write what they liked and not what I like.

Once, on a whim I wrote a short poem of the blank verse/free verse kind. I was surprised by how well it was received by the WordPress community. (Come on guys, it didn’t even rhyme). So I started posting these poems more often even though I didn’t think much of them.

Again, I am not very good at writing stories. But sometimes kind people tag me for a story writing challenge. So I am obliged to do those. 

There is so much in life that we do even though we don’t particularly like to. We do it because it is neccessary or is good for us. I didn’t particularly want to learn to drive when I was younger but I had to, and this skill has helped me all my life. I think that is the case with writing topics too






26 thoughts on “Do You Actually … like everything you write about?

  1. Nicely expressed Tanya, the philosophy is always to write for yourself first and foremost – that’s not saying you don’t ever write for an audience, because we all do. Sometimes pieces will be longer than other times, it’s not down to you to interpret what will be read and by whom, but by the readers themselves to make the cognitive decision to read a piece short or long.
    Once more nicely answered and thanks for the input to the question 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Tanya, excplains to us how she feels about what she writes and the reasoning behind it all.

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  3. Dr. Tanya:

    I’m going to reblog your post as well, because it’s not only a great question, but it’s got me curious. That’s why I’m going to pass your post on to my readers to see what their thoughts are. This is going to be interesting!

    Personally, I write what I want to write about, and hope my posts have universal appeal. I typically make sure they have a long life, and are of interest today, tomorrow, and beyond. My blog is set up so that readers can easily scroll down to see a wide variety of topics, with both a featured image, and other select images throughout.

    I have learned however, that longer posts have less appeal than shorter ones, probably for the same reason that you mentioned. If it takes too much time to get to the crux (not necessarily the end) of the post, readers will move on. Though challenging on occasion, I do my best to “spark” the type of collective interest which is in-line with my “no beating around the bush” personality.

    Thankfully, I do have a number of readers that visit me time and again. They don’t come in hoards, but they do come. If I choose the right key words, and categories, I get new visitors too. If I get 10 Likes, I consider it a good post, 20 Likes, I’m chuffed and almost over the moon. Over time, the Likes have grown, so patience is my friend. Comments are my favorite, and while those only come in small handfuls, I’m happy to receive them too.

    The main reason I blog is to feel the excitement that comes with pushing the PUBLISH button to deliver a post I feel somebody else will like me sharing. Once pushed, I believe that if even half a percent of the WordPress community comes to visit on occasion I’ll keep my spark just the way it is!

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    Dr. Tanya of the Salted Carmel blog asked a very thought-provoking question that I simply couldn’t resist reblogging for you my illustrious visitors to commiserate over, and hopefully like and leave your comments on.

    It’s one of her mixed-salty and sweet topics which I personally think deserves a round of applause. Good on you Dr. Tanya!

    So…Read it and see what sparks for you.

    And, by the way, I do like everything I write about.

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  5. Very interesting post and of great interest how we all feel about the question
    what to write about and who for.

    Personally I always thought you had to write what you felt within and maybe at times feel the nearness of those who might read it. Prompts can be good if
    the subject genuinely says something to you.

    Length does matter as we are so many bloggers and all have only so much time in a day.
    In my humble opinion. 😊


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