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Ice breakers OR Conversation starters

Conversation starters or ice breakers can be such life savers in the appropriate situation.

For instance, you have just been introduced to someone at a party. Your host has already told you your respective professions. Now what do you say next ?

Or, you may already know someone but you are not really comfortable talking to them. How do you fill an awkward silence?

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Here are a few ideas :

1. A Compliment

“What a nice colour!” OR ” I really like your watch”

2.A Question

” Are you a guest of the bride or the groom?”


“Have you known ‘X’ ( person who introduced you) for long?

(Remember not to ask questions about personal information)

3. Views on a neutral/safe topic (See below for my list of subjects to avoid).

“Do you think Manchester United are going to win?”


” Have you seen / read (name of popular movie / book) ?”

4. Concern

“Are you comfortable in that chair?”


“Can I get you something to eat or drink?”

5. The Weather

Although predictable and overused, the weather remains the most popular conversation openet.

” Its so cold / hot, isn’t it?”


“Do you think it’s going to rain?”

ice breakers and conversation starters conversation at a table

Topics to Avoid

1. Politics

2. Religion

3. Race

4. Gender

The above four topics are best avoided as ice breakers, as people usually have strong opinions about them which may differ from your ‘s.

5. The elephant in the room.

It is also best to avoid something very obvious that might make the other person uncomfortable.

“How long have you used a crutch/ elbow support?”

Escape Routes

After several minutes of trying, you have not been able to draw the other person out or if you don’t like them , thete is no harm in tactfully beating a retreat.

two persons holding mugs

1. I think I can see an old friend. I must say hello.

2. Goodness! Is that the time already? I need to be somewhere.

3. I am going to go get something to eat.

4. Thete is something I forgot to ask our host. Let me go find her/ him.

5. Announce a bathroom break

What are your favourite conversation starters?

Can you give us a few tips in the comments section below?

Please don’t hesitate to press the “Like” and “Follow ” buttons. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

27 thoughts on “Ice breakers OR Conversation starters

  1. I’m afraid I’m the one who talks about the elephant in the room – I hope there’s an interesting story behind those crutches *raise eyebrows in question* would be my example!
    Sorry, writers seem to have to do it … either that, or they behave like voyeurs and watch everyone

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  2. I don’t like making forced convos. I will talk about the reason why we’re there. For example, if it’s a game night, I’ll say something about the game we’re starting or the one we’ve just finished. No reason to bring up a random comment about some other thing. This rarely happens though because new peeps are just folded into existing convos.

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  3. Interesting post, Tanya 🙂

    A question like this one – “Do you think Manchester United are going to win?” – is not neutral/safe in the UK. Mentioning football is akin to discussing politics, except people are more passionate about football. If you ask someone who isn’t a Man U fan that question, you’ll end up getting roasted.

    I tend to go with a straightforward approach in social situations. If there’s an awkward silence I’ll just say something like – How shall we fill this awkward silence? – that kind of statement tends to make people laugh with relief, and after that you can just chat about anything.

    It’s worth remembering that other people are just like you, and are probably feeling/thinking what you’re feeling/thinking about being in that social situation – saying it out loud is a fun way to break the ice for you and them.

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      1. Don’t be worried, Tanya, I wasn’t offended, I was adding context to that particular icebreaker.

        Context is a valuable element to be aware of when choosing an icebreaker, especially if your aim is to have a nice and easy conversation.

        If you’re in the UK and mention Man U you’ll set a very different type of conversation ball rolling than you would if you mentioned that team in a different country.

        I enjoyed reading your post and comment-chatting with you 🙂

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  4. I’m awful at conversation and hopefully can remember these for those awkward times I need to interact and have nothing say. I like the compliment one the most and think that could lead to other interests as well. Great post! x

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  5. I rarely go to social events (aside from church, and even that is rarely these days); so my opportunity to start a conversation with someone I don’t know is limited. And I’m extremely introverted, so being left to make small talk with a stranger is a kind of torture for me. That being said I’ve actually used a few of your suggestions when I’m forced into that situation. But I usually excuse myself as soon as I feel is polite and get the heck out of there. Too uncomfortable by far. Lovely post. Emily would definitely approve! 😉

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    1. Thank you.
      I am so glad my post resonated with you.
      I can talk non stop with people who are on my wavelength.
      But I am sometimes forced to make small talk with people who are completely out of my league. That is when ideas like these are useful.


  6. An interesting post Tanya, l have always favoured the more direct appraoch like “How much does a polar bear weigh?” they answer “I don’t know, how much?” I laugh and respond with “Neither do l but it broke the ice!!”

    That usually goes down very well indeed. And like so many others l am the first to always ask the most oft at times inappropriate questions .. “Blimey, did you break your arm? or been in a wheelchair long? or … you get the jist.

    As to football, like Ursula has stated l think this could also be dangerous territory, l have learned to steer clear of this, as l usualy say things like “Useless sport, 22 supposedly intelligent beings kicking around a puffed up pig skin!” It is an ice breaker but also a sure fire way of attracting completely the wrong crowd.

    I tend to steer clear of religion unless procvoked or if someone is trying convince me of their beliefs so then l go into full on Spock mode or Carl sagan and start talking about ET and alien life and how can they be so sure God exists if they disprove aliens? I do steer clear of gender unless l am given the all clear to discuss it, but l am naturally curious so am always keen to learn new things and l think we live in a society now that we have to be incredibly careful .. l mean when l was at my last party l was talking to a lovely lesbian couple who were really up for a good laugh and l was able to discuss all sorts with them, but not everyone is as open as l am about their sexuality.

    I tend to sit back and watch people and then mimic, but also l have a tendency to be able to adapt to most conversations very quickly, and have had some amazing conversations just by nodding and agreeing and huffing at the right times.

    The best ice breakers are when you spin doctor conversations, l spent quite a few years combined in both advertising and propaganda so l am able to invent and create tag lines for people to bounce off.

    But l did enjoy your post 🙂

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  7. This is great! Sometimes conversations come easy, while other times they do not, so having a stash of ideas like these as well as conversation topic ideas to switch things up when one idea isn’t enough are great advice. Thank you!

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