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A Dozen Resolutions for Better Blogging

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1. I will make a blogging schedule.

2. I will stick to aforesaid schedule and not post whatever strikes my fancy.

3. I will post regularly and consistently.

4. The moment I am tagged or nominated for a writing challenge I will save a draft of it immediately, so that I don’t lose it as I often do.

5. I will not ‘like’ any post without reading it; that is dishonest.

6. I will make meaningful and relevant comments on all posts I read. “Nice post” or ‘Great post ” do not qualify as meaningful.

7. I will immediately follow back all bloggers who follow me ; it’s mutual respect and courtesy.

8. I will not check my notifications fifty times an hour.

9. If I do check my notifications fifty times an hour, I will approve all comments immediately and also reply to them.

10. I will not let blogging take over my entire life; there is no harm however in arranging my life around my blogging.

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11. I will post the best content that I can manage.

12. But I will also remmber that popular cocept, that blogging is 20 % content and 80 % promotion.

14 thoughts on “A Dozen Resolutions for Better Blogging

  1. Some of these are good ideas. I don’t always follow people back though, especially bloggers whose posts aren’t in English. If I can’t read the content without a translation, I’m not following it. I feel bad when I see them liking my posts, but… oh well! 🙂

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  2. Mostly good resolutions, although I don’t, except for my prompts, have a specific schedule. That said, I have to respectfully disagree with your numbers 7 and 12.

    I don’t immediately follow all bloggers who follow me. I currently have 1,866 people following my blog, but I only follow 173, and I can barely handle following that many. Some of my 1,866 followers are commercial sites. Some post things on their blogs that are of little interest to me in terms of content or subject matter. Some are just really poorly written. I will go take a look at the blogs of anyone who follows mine, but I am picky about who I follow because I can’t possibly read and comment on all of those who follow my blog.

    As to #12, I spend zero percent of my time “promoting” my blog. I’m not even sure how to do that. I run three different prompts and I participate in a lot of prompts from other bloggers. But other than WordPress, I’m not on social media. No Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. I spend 100% of my blogging time drafting, editing, and posting on my own blog, and reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts.

    By the way, as to #9, I don’t moderate comments, thus don’t have to spend any time approving them. All comments are automatically approved.

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  3. Great resolutions presented.

    Some I agree with, others not so much. Trying to juggle working long full-time hours, family life and life in general, I can only write on my days off and early in the morning. If something gets written and it is good, I post it. If not, it all waits until the next time. I do disagree with Point #12. I think without really good/great content, all the promotion in the world may get people to visit once, but it is unlikely they will return.

    I try not to check notifications every three minutes, but I do get drawn into the process of seeing who, if anyone, has stopped by.

    For myself, my blogging and writing are constantly evolving, so the motivation of stats, follows and such has evolved as well.

    Great post with lots to consider.

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    1. Thank you so much for such a comprehensive comment.

      These resolutions were partly tongue in cheek, based on my own experiences as well on blogging advice that abounds on the web.

      Of course, most of us are blogging as a hobby and can only devote as much time as we can spare from our commitments.

      Again, thanks for stopping by and hello to Lynn.

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