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Genre Challenge #2– Space Opera


Theresa, The Haunted Wordsmith has been called Queen of Questions, but in my opinion she is also Queen of Challenges. She keeps creating new callenges for us to hone our writing skills. Do head over to her blog for challenges and to read her original work. You will enjoy it.

Today’s randomly selected genre is: space opera
You can learn more about this genre here

Photo prompt:

space opera picture


When the Star Fleet crew landed on Planet Xeon, they had no idea what they would find. Would the inhabitants be friendly or hostile? Or would there be any inhabitants at all?

As they looked around, all they could see was a reddish sand stretching on for miles on end. There was no vegetation, no water and no life form in sight.

One of them spotted a flashing light on the horizon. They started advancing towards it. As they grew nearer, they saw that it was a beacon on top of a gigantic spaceship.

They approached the spaceship warily, keeping a lookout for defense mechanisms. To their surprise, a portal opened as soon as they were within one foot of the spaceship.

The crew members entered, their hands on their weapons. Inside were huge galleys and corridors illuminated by an eerie pink light. Large screens mounted on the walls flickered with strange computations, readings and data.

There was no one around, or at least no one that they could see. The crew members grew apprehensive. Had they walked into a trap?

(180 words)


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