lantern tree

Genre Challenge # 4 — Fairy Tale

Every evening, at dusk, Fairy Goodwill hung a lantern from a tree on the path to her cottage. She wanted the fairy folk to come up to her cottage easily no matter how late it was at night. Pixies, elves, gnomes and goblins all came to Fairy Goodwill for help. Whoever came to her could be sure of a warm welcome whatever the hour. She … Continue reading Genre Challenge # 4 — Fairy Tale

genre challenge pyramids

Genre Challenge # 3– Alternate History

In the year 3000 B.C. an alien species landed on planet earth. Their own planet was no longer habitable. Overpopulation and pollution had depleted its resources. Finding earth to their liking, the aliens decided to colonize it. Beings of exceptional physical strength and intelligence, they quickly managed to construct huge pyramid shaped dwellings for themselves similar to what they had back home. For all their … Continue reading Genre Challenge # 3– Alternate History