genre challenge pyramids

Genre Challenge # 3– Alternate History

In the year 3000 B.C. an alien species landed on planet earth. Their own planet was no longer habitable. Overpopulation and pollution had depleted its resources.

Finding earth to their liking, the aliens decided to colonize it. Beings of exceptional physical strength and intelligence, they quickly managed to construct huge pyramid shaped dwellings for themselves similar to what they had back home.

For all their brains and brawn, the aliens were not infallible. The earth’s atmosphere did not suit them. They succumbed to degenerative diseases and died. With the passage of time, their bodies and possessions crumbled to dust. All that was left were the huge pyramids.

Hundreds of years later, the first of the Egyptian Pharoahs decided to use the pyramids as burial chambers. Fictitious stories were circulated about the construction of the buildings: the Pharoah taking credit for them. Pictures were painted depicting hordes of slaves dragging massive stones for these buildings. These served to reinforce the might and grandeur of the Pharoahs. To this day, historians credit the Pharoahs for these edifices.

Written for :

Genre Challenge # 3 , a writing prompt created by Theresa, The Haunted Wordsmith.

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