lantern tree

Genre Challenge # 4 — Fairy Tale

Every evening, at dusk, Fairy Goodwill hung a lantern from a tree on the path to her cottage. She wanted the fairy folk to come up to her cottage easily no matter how late it was at night.

Pixies, elves, gnomes and goblins all came to Fairy Goodwill for help. Whoever came to her could be sure of a warm welcome whatever the hour.

She would seat him in her comfiest armchair and ply him with a cup of chamomile tea and her signature shortbread. Then she would sit opposite him and listen with rapt attention.

Such was the magic of Fairy Goodwill that the narrators of problems began to find solutions even as they spoke. Some folk took a little longer, and for these Fairy Goodwill had to cast a spell.

In return for her services, the fairy folk brought her gifts of food and other necessities. Hence she never had to leave her little cottage for anything and all the magical folk could be sure of help 24/7.

Don t you wish you had a Fairy Goodwill in your neighbourhood too ?


Written for: Genre Challenge # 4 created by Theresa, The Haunted Wordsmith

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