two friends walking

What is missing ?

Two old timers Were reminiscing : “Nothing tastes the same Nobody cooks like mum used to. Songs, movies and shows, They are just not the same. The parties, the people, the gossip Everything has lost its sparkle. The world is a different place, It lacks something vital now.” As they chatted, they realized: The missing ingredient is youth.   Written for Word of the Day … Continue reading What is missing ?

genre challenge seascape

Genre Challenge #6 — Poetry

A Career Choice It began as a dare, A challenge from a friend. It turned into a passion, A dream career without end. Her first SCUBA dive, Changed her life beyond belief. She fell headlong in love, With the Great Barrier Reef. Starfish, seahorses, A sea urchin or two. Marine biology was the degree She wanted to do !   Note : I don’t know … Continue reading Genre Challenge #6 — Poetry