school story

Genre Challenge # 11 : A School Story

A School Story

Tom was really good at drawing but he found it very difficult to write essays and stories. His friend Robert , on the other hand, was so good at essays that the school masters would select his work to print in the school gazette. Robert, however, could not draw to save his life. The two friends often wished they could do each other’s essay and art projects.

One morning, their class had been told to write a composition describing a family reunion. Robert was the first to finish and hand in his work. Later other boys too began to submit their essays.

Poor Tom was left staring at his exercise book. He had written the heading and then the first sentence. But after that he could not think of what else to write. As he pored over his work a few blots of ink landed on his page.

Soon the bell rang for recess. The Teacher told Robert that be would have to give up  his games period and finish the essay.

As Tom and Robert sat side by side eating their sandwiches, Robert said,”It’s too bad Mr. White is making you miss the games period.”

“Yeah! It’s that dumb essay. I just can’t get it done. If I couldn’t do it in one lesson, how am I going to get it done in another one,” Tom held his head in his hands.

“I know! You are so good at drawing pictures. Why don’t you think of the family reunion as a picture in your head. Then just write down what you see, ” suggested Robert.

Back at his desk, Tom did just as his friend had advised. He imagined the family reunion scene as a picture in his head. As he described the people and the event, the words seemed to flow from his pen.

Tom finished and looked up at the clock. Half the games lesson was still left. He submitted the essay and ran off to join his friends.


Written for:

Genre Challenge # 11  created by Theresa, The Haunted Wordsmith.

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