genre challenge # 14 heists capers arches

Genre Challenge # 14 : Heists and Capers

A Hold up In The Jazz Age

The front of the eighteenth century building had a dozen arches brightly lit by as many lamps. Inside, a cavernous ballroom was lit equally bright, but boasted the modern decor of 1925.

The Art Deco interior formed a fitting backdrop for this gathering of “bright young things “. Girls with shingled hair and waist length necklaces danced the Charleston with their young men. A Jazz Quartet played the latest music. 

This was a gathering of the glitterati of London. Young members of aristocratic families could be seen hobnobbing with glamorous nouveau riche types. Vicounts and Comtes could be seen mingling with Hollywood movie stars. 

The party was in full swing when,suddenly, two shots were heard. Two men entered, dressed in workmen’s coveralls and balaclava masks. One held the assembled party at gunpoint. The other one held out a sack and ordered everyone to drop their valuables in it, one by one. 

Ladies quickly took off their diamond rings, ruby and emerald necklaces and earrings  and dropped them in the sack. The men handed over gold watches, cuff links and diamond studded pins.

Gathering up their loot, the two bandits scampered off and vanished whence they had come. The gathering stood dumbfounded for a split second. Then a hullaballoo began as people started discussing the best course to take. Some wanted to call the police while others were afraid of the publicity that this would bring.

Outside, the two bandits ran to a nearby alleyway. Here, a gleaming Rolls Royce was parked in the shadows. One of them unlocked the smaller of a matching pair of designer suitcases, threw the sack of loot inside and locked it again. Then they swiftly removed the coveralls and helmets and locked them in the other suitcase.

Back in the ballroom, pandemonium reigned  supreme. Nobody noticed two fashionably dressed women : the Honourable Linda Grey and her friend Lady Elizabeth Neville, enter and slip quietly into the throng.



Written for Genre Challenge # 14, Heists and Capers

Today’s genre: Heists and Capers
( an “antihero” genre which focuses on the planning and execution of a crime, told from the criminal’s perspective)


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