genre challenge 17 girl period costume

Genre Challenge Paranormal Romance

Great Aunt Penelope’s portrait was mounted on a wall in the Great Hall of the Manor. Jane and her fiance had driven up to visit Grandma at the Manor this weekend.

Each time Jane passed through the Hall, she was somehow riveted by the portrait. It seemed to say something to her.

Jane asked Grandma if she knew something about Penelope. Grandma narrated a story book drama :

” Penelope was a highly sought after debutante. She had her pick of any number of handsome, titled suitors.

She finally became engaged to Sir Reginald. He seemed the perfect choice until one day when she discovered him with her maid.

Penelope broke off the engagement despite Sir Reginald’s promise to reform. Although she lived to a ripe old age, Penolope never married.”

The next morning, Jane was on her own in the library when the telephone rang. As she picked it up she realised that Mark had already answered it from the extension in the Hall.

Jane was about to replace the receiver on its cradle when she recognised the voice on the other end. It was her best friend arranging a secret tryst with Mark.

Now she knew what Great Aunt Penelope had been trying to tell her.


Written for :

Genre Challenge # 17 Paranormal Romance, created by Theresa, the Haunted Wordsmith.

Today’s genre: Paranormal Romance (involving some sort of supernatural element, ranging widely to include science fiction/fantasy aspects such as time travel, monsters or psychic abilities)

Today’s image:

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      1. I am hanging in there but finding the time somewhat long and tedious. Thank you – hoping to hear good news concerning his release soon – it’s been long hard weeks, but he is recovering – slowly but surely. I am praying there will not be any more setbacks.

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