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Food Facts A to Z : B is for Bananas

One medium banana contains about 105 calories They provide carbohydrates and are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, minerals and fibre. Bananas are fat free and are a perfect take along snack.   Bananas: reduce depression regulate the bowel system reduce blood pressure and risk of heart disease help our bones grow stronger help individuals to quit smoking help prevent … Continue reading Food Facts A to Z : B is for Bananas


The Perfect Moment — Question of the Day no. 370

For how long have you waited for the “perfect moment” to come so you could start doing something? There is no “perfect moment” and “every moment is perfect”. these two phrases are two f aces of the same coin.  The perfect opportunity or the perfect time is either never present, or is always present. It all depends on how you look at it. Those who … Continue reading The Perfect Moment — Question of the Day no. 370

Food Facts A to Z : A is for Almonds

Almonds are healthy snacks. Having almonds in your diet as a snack may help to fight against diabetes and heart disease. Almonds help to increase insulin sensitivity in people with higher risk of diabetes. Also almonds may decrease the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood. Top tip: An average size almonds is only six calories. For a low calorie snack, count out ten … Continue reading Food Facts A to Z : A is for Almonds

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Fribbing Friday — April 26

It’s FRIDAY! You know what that means…time to put on those thinking caps and find the biggest whoppers you can to these questions: What is gelatin? Gel in a tin.   2. What is in blood pudding? Blood of puddings.   3. What is a fairy tale wedding? A wedding that ends with a fairy story.   4. We don’t have to worry about chocolate … Continue reading Fribbing Friday — April 26

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A Rainy Afternoon

A gentle breeze, Gathers the clouds: Fluffy and white, Against the blue sky. Gusts of wind’ Gather more clouds. Turning the sky leaden, As a drizzle begins. I sit in my window’ Watching it rain. With a cup of tea And my favourite book. What began as a drizzle, Becomes a heavy downpour. Soon it stops raining, The sun comes out. Painting a rainbow, Across … Continue reading A Rainy Afternoon

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How to name your blog

QQ: It’s All In The Brand Name right? So, how did you come to select your blog’s brand name and your running tag? What processes went into the selection process? Does the name of your blog cover who you are, what you write about? Rory of the popular blog  A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!  keeps asking bloggers insightful questions. As part of these question … Continue reading How to name your blog

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Share Your World

Share Your World 4-22-19 APRIL 22, 2019 ~ MELANIE B CEE   This Week’s Questions: What was the last thing you read digital or print? The last thing I read before I began answering these questions was a blog post so digital. If , however, I talk about the last book I read, that was Lethal White by J.K.Rowling writing under the psuedonym Robert Galbraith. … Continue reading Share Your World