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Life In The Fast Lane

Life In The Fast Lane —

An Hour Of My Day

Waking the children

Getting breakfast for everyone

Coaxing kids into their uniforms

Fixing school lunches

Getting dressed for work

Eldest finds his pencil case is empty

Someone in school nicked his stationery

Hunting all over the house

For spare pencils, eraser, sharpener

Dropping kids at two different schools

Driving in rush hour traffic

Finally I am at work

All this in the space of one hour.

I came through it alive

Now to face my work day,

Let the games begin !


Written for: Oh Prompt Me Do–An hour of your day.

The Prompt Box!

An Hour Of Your Day!


Tell us about an hour of your day in a poem, story, tale, rhyme, flash fiction or even song lyric or if you want to be really inventive using images, but make it funny – if needs be ‘make it up!’


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