dragon fire

“How to train your dragon”

How to accomplish what you dread and put off.

Are you like me, do you keep putting off what you don’t like to do? Or maybe you manage to accomplish all the important things in your life. Yet , the little things that are less important but essential don’t get done because you don’t have the time or energy left over for them.

Doing these postponed things can seem as difficult as putting a harness on a dragon or breaking in a spirited horse. Yet you can practise certain smart moves that will take the wild beast of procrastination by the horns.

1. Break it up.

When a task seems daunting or tedious, it is a good idea to break it up into smaller chunks.

If your bedroom is messy and you don’t have either time or inclination to give up a whole evening to It, do it a little at a time. Tidy your dressing table one day, your nightstand the next day and so on.

girl facing arrows


2. First thing in the morning–Last thing at night.

While we are on the topic of tidying up, let me share a secret of some people with very neat homes. They tidy up last thing before they go to bed, as well as first thing in the morning.

This is a really useful technique. I tried it on my living room. The last thing / first thing rule did not let clutter accumulate at all.

This rule or technique can be applied to anything that you may be neglecting or finding difficult. First thing in the morning, you are at your freshest (after your caffeine fix of course). Last thing at night, you have probably tackled all your other stuff. So these two ends of the day can be used profitably.


3. Do It Now

This is possibly the simplest and most effective life advice ever. If you are inclined or able to do things as soon as the need arises , it won’t become a dragon.

That is the advantage of doing it now: no dragon, no worries.

4. Set realistic goals

Goal setting helps to get boring things done by turning them into a challenge. Of course goals should be achievable. Setting unrealistic goals causes self sabotage and frustration.

messy garage
Dont try to handle all this in one day

If you set a goal of cleaning out the whole garage or attic in one Saturday morning you are going to fail. A more reasonable goal would be to clear out one corner in one go.


5. Find a partner

Tedious chores become easier if you share them with someone.You might have been putting off going to the gym, but if a friend enrolls with you, it becomes less of a chore and you can catch up with each other too.

Problems shared are problems halved. This holds true for things you have been putting off. Getting your spouse and siblings on board for spring cleaning will get the job done. (It will help if you promise everyone a treat like a takeaway meal or a movie later).

6. Imagine the outcome

Use your imagination to picture what your closet will look like after it has been organised. Imagine how quick and easy it will be to get dressed every morning if every thing is placed systematically. This can motivate you to finally make that wardrobe overhaul that you have been putting off for months.

organised closet
How easy getting dressed would be if my closet looked like this.

7. Reward yourself

Remember “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Take the time to reward yourself with little treats . Once you have finished the laundry, treat yorself to a cup of that expensive coffee that you hoard for special occasions.

Once you have done your accounts or filled out your tax returns, watch a favourite show.

Taking out time for R&R (rest and recreation) recharges your batteries. When you are energised in body and spirit, you are less likely to put things off.

order chaos sign


What are some of your favourite tips to tackle tedious jobs. Do share some in the comments section below.

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18 thoughts on ““How to train your dragon”

  1. I make a list. I do the easier things first and check them off so I feel I am accomplishing things. As I build momentum, I begin to attack the harder stuff. Yes, I take little breaks for tea, stretching, and reading blogs!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A great post with timely and useful tips that can be applied in all situations.
    Daunting tasks are best broken down into smaller and achievable bits. People can get so overwhelmed with something, that they keep putting it off and often the problem keeps getting bigger. Getting it into smaller chunks helps us to get at least started. And once we get the ball rolling, often momentum takes over and before long the issue is solved or it is certainly smaller in scope.
    Rewards are a great way as well. As long as we’re motivated enough to keep at it to get the reward and not stop half-way through and still grab the reward.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Greatly informative post Tanya, l make a list and then tick everything off the moment it’s done – but intruth l have three lists – priority – mainstream – can wait .. so l always prioritise what cannot wait till the next day, the mainstream are things that really need to be done, but if they stretch over till the next day it’s no biggie and the can waits usually mean they can wait a while but no longer than a week.

    Liked by 1 person


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